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normc Mar 18, 2003 8:45 PM

Anyone know of a good slide copier set up for the Sony 717?

kcemb Apr 26, 2003 3:05 PM

717 slide copier
I machined a slide mount for my 717. Even at the closest you cannot get the slide to cover the full frame. You could copy my device with cardboard tubes and the like. Have a look at my site at You will find a picture of my device and a few pictures of the results. A pal of mine in Texas has made a slide holder from wood and and old tin can, all painted black, and mounted to the camera with a bar and screw into the tripod bush. The lens just pokes into the mat black painted interior of the gadget.
If you have a go, be sure to have the emulsion side towards the lens. You will also need the barrel distortion correction plug-in for photoshop, as the 717 has significant distortion at the full wide angle you will need to use. It corrects easily, but you need to do it.
I am very happy with my results. Someone on ebay about a month ago had a similar adapter for sale, but the price was a bit high.
Hope this helps.

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