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Default Questions About DSC F-717.

I just received a Sony DSC F-717.

I am hoping someone with this camera can answer my questions. I am overwhelmed by the number of optional accessories. I think I need more memory so I'll get a memory stick. Not very happy it doesn't come any bigger than 128. I also need another battery and a camera case. My questions are.... which camera case is recommended (to hold camera and accessories) and also which of the several chargers is recommended? I realize the camera has built in charger but I'd like to be able to charge the 2nd batter separately. I generally have access to electricity and also 12 volt outlet.

General question. I'd like to take pictures big enough to print 8X10 decently and also send via email. I've sent big ones (and people complain they are too big) and small ones (and people complain they are too small for great prints). What is the recommended size when you don't know what people will do with them?

I look forward to your suggestions.


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Default Advice?

I have the same camera and I got an extra battery that has yet to be used, seems like the existing one lasts plenty long. The in camera charger also works very well altho it is somewhat bulky. I have 3 Sony 52mm lenes from my Sony 505V that are not worht much on the 717 so I would not buy any of those with adapters etc...

I recommend the remote and a small medium height tripod that is very light, and easy to carry. I got one on e-bay for $15 bucks You might try using the digital zoom especially at average resolution. I have no idea as to why but THIS digital zoom is not quite the same as some others. (I have five other cameras) Night shots with a tripod are great. I do use the Sony flash a little...it is very good.

I have a batch of memory sticks none of which are 125meg but I am going to wait Sony out on their new sticks

The camera "as is" will produce excellent photos...the only add on lens I plan on getting is the Sony high defination wider A. It is not cheap so it will be awhile.

I might also try a lens hood

Good luck
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Default PS

I got a good case at Walmart.
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I purchased a medium sized Lowepro camera bag at Best Buy for around $25.00. The camera fits in snug with plenty of room for cords, extra battery, memory sticks etc. I have a larger case for trips when I will need to carry around my charger. I have two batterys and use my charger that came with the camera. I agree with Normc I have yet to use both batterys, they hold a charge for along time. I have two 128 MB memory sticks but would like to see the 256 MB. I can take about 55-60 pictures on the highest image size 2560x1920. In my opinion The Sony 717 is a fantastic Camera with all the bells and whistles to provide excellent photos.
Good Luck.
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You may also want to check out this forum on the imaging resource page that is for 707 and 717 only - it is pretty active, kind to newbies, has frequent good advice and photos from these excellent cameras are posted frequently

http://www.photo-forums.com/[email protected]@.ee867ac

I had the 707 and now have the 717 and think they are the best!

I look forward to learning things in this forum as I have from the Steve's Digicams website.

Happy New Year to all!

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