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Hi All,

I am looking to buy an R1. Can you advise me of it's limitations as in what it can easily shoot? I would be looking at taking pics of family, friends, holidays places we visit etc with emphasis probably on my 2 year old son! Although it's not specifically action, would the R1 be able to capture my son in mid flight so to speak as he never seems to sit still!!

I guess I want to know it's limitations in taking pictures of moving subjects, especially re the AF and burst mode!!

I have looked at the forum and most of the pictures I have seen have been of still subjects/landscapes etc and even though they are fantastic pics I would like more info as to how it would deal with what I want to use it for!!
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I'm not sure I can answer your question, but I will give you my own recent experience with the R1 shooting rapidly moving dancers.

In my case, the lack of motion shots that I have posted on the forum have not been due to the limitations of the camera, but the limitations of my own schedule and personal style. My interest lies overwhelmingly in portraits; further, I have a strong taboo that prevents me from "stealing" candids without someone knowing. I like to establish a relationship first so my street photography is usually more static than that of other shutterbugs. But again, this is due to my preferences rather than the capabilities of the equipment, and I have seen some wonderful action shots with the R-1. I seem to recall that Nicholas posted some great martial arts/dance type photos on his smugmug website. They were from a few months ago and should still be on the forum. You might take a look at those or Nicholas' website and see if it helps you make your decision.

I did do some stage shooting this past weekend (I have posted some of the results over on the People forum, and will post more soon.) The belly dancers in the show were moving very fast. And, yes, I did have a problem with the autofocus but then I am very new to the R1, in fact, this was my first time shooting any action at all with a digital. By the end of the show I think I had figured out what I was doing wrong and got a higher ratio of successful shots. I was using shutter priority and the spot meter (the background was much too bright to use the multi-meter) and in the begnning I had trouble locking the focus and exposure both - by the time I did so, the dancers were at the opposite end of the stage. In hindsight, I should probably not have been so close to the performers which would have allowed me a greater zoom choice and thus greater depth of field and then used manual focus. Or, I could have set my ego aside and used one of the pre-programmed action settings. But like I said, after a few minutes of practice and missed shots, I progressed rapidly and most of the latter ones turned out very well.

Hope this helps! Ria

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The AF speed can be slowish and be down right slow in poorer light. It's as good as most p&s cameras, but definately much slower than a dSLR.

Raw shooting is slow due to the lack of a descent buffer.

I also find flash photos to be slow to shoot as the camera has to preflash then shoot (as well as focus). With an external flash, there is a definate lag due to flash communication.

The R1 is an excellent general purpose camera, but does not do very well with a fast moving subject. However, you can improve the speed by switching to manual focus and prefocusing. Then shooting is as fast as you can hit the shutter release (virtually no lag).
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