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I'm thinking of buying this camera and would like to hear from other Sony R1 owners. What do you find good and bad about the camera?
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Good: The lens, for sure. Good ergonomics, with the buttons/controls pretty well laid out. Excellent image quality. Good high ISO performance. Dedicated ISO button. Flash sync to 1/2000

Poor: RAW performance. AF - fair in good light (slow compared to dSLR, average when compared to non-SLR), poor in low light. It usually does get focus, but very slow.

Overall - very good. For me it's a secondary camera, not my primary, so I can live with the limitations.

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I would second what Declan said, but clarify on "poor RAW performance." The image qualilty from RAW - especially if converted with PhotoShop (DNG or direct from CS2) is superb. The issue is large files and smaller buffer.

Actually, I find the image quality from the R1 to be absolutely superior. I have seven dSLR's including three of Canon's best pro models, Kodak's best, a wonderful Sigma SD10 and a Pro Back (MF Digital Kodak) and I find the image quality from the R1 to be right up there with the best of my dSLR's including full frame.

The camera takes a bit of getting used to, and there is a strong probability that you will need to upgrade the firmware to version 2 which seems to affect more than Sony has admitted.

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Old Jan 22, 2006, 4:07 PM   #4
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terryf1960 wrote:
I'm thinking of buying this camera and would like to hear from other Sony R1 owners. What do you find good and bad about the camera?
I've had my R1 for a few weeks. A few impressions:

Image quality and optics: superb! Regardless of what others say (yes, yes, it's the printout that really counts), I've always enjoyed pixel-peeping! And the R1 really delivers: clean, sharp, noiseless. For example, last week I shot a few portraits and later at home, at 100% view, I found a perfectly clean and sharp reflection of myself in the models eyes!

But then again, why should you believe me? Read the plethora of reviews, all of them agree on that -the image quality and optics can hardly be equalled by other non-DSLRs or by entry-level DSLRs with kit lenses.

The controls are very, very well placed. Nearly everything you need in everyday photography can be reached without going into the menu. Most settings can be set within a second by pressing a single button and turning the command dial.

The LCD placement is quite interesting. While others may feel irritated, I feel it suits me very well. As a matter of fact, I've started to take shots I'd never have taked with my SLR.

But the R1 also has issues:

- The lack of a 2 sec. self-timer is very disappointing. Every time I shoot with a tripod I'd like the short timer but have to use the 10 sec. timer. A 2 sec.would merely be a matter of firmware so why is it missing?!

- As with nearly every lens, the quality deteriorates a bit at the extremes, i.e. slight corner softness, PF, etc.at 24mm, largest aperture, etc. Nothing to really worry about. The quality in those ranges is still very impressive, but not just as good as at more "normal" settings.

- In dim light the autofocus is pretty slow but still accurate.

- Burst mode is restricted to 3 shots. I don't really care about that since I never use burst.

cheers, nymano.
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Thank you NYMANO , some more idea about your R1 so far ? Also some pics plz ...

R1 is my dream now :-)
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