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Default The real issue with the 828

Despite the fact that I probably would have been put off buying the 828 after reading the "reviews" I am extraordinarily pleased I did in fact grab the camera. Having used the entire Nikon F 35mm line over the years and eventually 4x5, I believe this Sony is THE best tool I have owned for allowing me to concentrate on photography versus perceived value or fault of particular equipment. Perhaps the 828 has a CA and fringe problem. Guess what, I have seen neither! And I've used it...alot. In fact when I printed the first set of prints, I was shocked as to how incredibly sharp the images were. More impressive than previous 35mm muck, sharper than the 4x5 stuff (in my opinion)! The 35mm system is gone. The 4x5 system has been sold. I now operate with the Nikon D1 and this wonderful 828. Photography, which constantly wrestled with me and equipment quirks has now been given back to me. Not preaching, but I truly wonder if those slamming this 828 have actually attempted to make photographs versus pushing the limits of the machine.
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Yes, you've discovered the "dirty little secret" of forums these days - it's called "measurebation" by many who are sincerely tired of this constant technical tirade into minute details of camera performance.

When a photographer rather than an "engineer" uses the F828, he or she finds a delightful instrument capable of rendering beautiful images. Does it have some issues? Sure - but nearly every camera does. Does it take dynamite images? You know it and I know it and some of the finest photographers in the field know it. But when a photographer, even a technically advanced and competent scientist like Michael Reichmann of Luminous Landscape makes a proclamation that he finds the F828 quite suitable for its intended purpose, he is attacked by people who are not even qualified to hold his "monopod" from a photographic perspective.

I've seen such incredible venom being promulgated about the F828 that I've quit reading the trash. It never ceases to amaze me that the vast majority of these opinionated and egotistical detractors have never produced an image better than aunt Sally's snapshots, but they feel qualified to rip serious, professionals who don't share their opinions and call them every name imaginable other than intelligent.

It's become almost comical to me. At first I set about trying to reason with many of them and I was likewise attacked even though I take more images professionally, using more digital equipment in a week than the majority of them do in a year. Finally I simply gave up and my reply to them is simply to post striking image made with my F828 and let these self proclaimed "experts" stroke each other's egos without interference from me or any indicators pointing them toward a reality not within their grasp.

Best regards,

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Well stated Lin. The story of the 828 reminds me of a time about a year ago when I was in a large camera store having the boys appraise some equipment I wanted to unload. A rather large and unkept chap strolled in and wanted to purchase a Leica lens. He wasn't sure which one so the store guy showed him a 70mm close focus. The guy said that was just perfect to add to his line. The counter guy asked what sort of photos he usually did, and the guy replied that he "really hadn't used" the Leica, but he "wanted the best. " I love these people! I strongly suspect that there are several shills for major camera companies that hang out on the net and expound upon "experiences" they've had with competitors cameras. The stories sound very believable. This is much like the stereo debate years ago with total harmonic distortion. The lower the better so they yelled. My friend, still consumed by this techie debate, just spent $9000(!) for two 10 foot speaker cables, yet he can't tell the difference between a tuba and an oboe!
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