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Jaz709 Sep 29, 2006 7:24 PM

After researching cameras for the past couple months I had finally decided to purchase a Sony H5. Now that I had decided on what model I wanted it was just a matter of finding a Sony dealer. When my girlfriend came home with the Sears Wish Book I wondered through the electronic section to see what it had for adult toys. To my surprise they had the H5 listed as one of them. :-) I was on the fence for a few days but decided to place an order being my relatives are going to be coming home soon. Kelly had mentioned that Sears had their no interest payments so the light went on.

A few days past and the camera bug was getting the better of me. The more I read about it on the fourms etc, the more I wanted this beauty. Every web site I visited everyone was talking up a storm about their H5's. This must be one heck of a cam for everyone to be praisingit up and recomending it to others. Readreview after review and of the negatives listed I figured they would be minimal or of no great drawback for my type of use. That being said I placed my order...

For the past week and a half I been like a child awaiting Christmas. Finally earlier today the call came letting me know my toy is awaiting pickup. My next problem was trying to figure out how to get 35 miles to pick up my camera. They used to have a local area pickup but Sears canned all those outlet sites. I did manage to find someone going in that way this evening so I bumed a ride.

Before picking up the cam I beat it over to another store that carried the Lowepro bags. While in that store a few days ago I had spoken with one of the clerks and after talking for a bit he thought the Rezo 180AW would meet my requirements. After all I only have to take the cam and a couple lenses along with extra bats and MS. Then it was off to Sears...

Upon going to the counter I gave the lady my name & phone number. A couple minutes later she came to the counter with my lovely H5. :blah: Knowing only the Sony Store carried the silver model and that Sears had no listing as to a colour choice I looked forward to my sleek looking black H5. I had asked her what colour it was and there was nothing written on the box. She proceeded to open it and I was filled with excitement! Yah! I have an H5! I have it all right, but it came in silver & black. :o( I feel like crying my eyes out! Sure it's nice but I was looking forward to the back unit.

Drove an hour to get home and called Sears. I had asked the person on the other end about my order. "What difference does the colour make"? I replied telling her that it's like buying a car, you wanted red and the sales person is pushing the blue unit. It's all personal preference.

I looked the cam over and really like what it has to offer. That beautiful 3 inch screen is certainly more than I had bargained for. :-) Now I'm undecided whether to keep it or send the thing back. :(

Lesson Learned...Never purchase my electronics via catalogue etc.! I called Sears back and was told I may have to pay a 20% restocking fee plus shipping charges. It irks me that I have relatives coming early in the week and may be witout a camera for the duration of their visit.

Since there are no local retailers for this camera I have no way to compare them. Trying to judge them by online pics I really think the black is nicer looking. I'm just curious if anyone may actually prefer silver. Only thing I can think of for the silver is that it may be less prone to showing finger prints than a black model. It bugs me more knowing I have it in my posession and can't usethe thing than it did while being without.


Sintares Sep 30, 2006 3:30 AM

One of the posters on the Sony Talk forum over at dpreview had an interesting view on the color of the camera.

He mentioned that to the casual passerby, someone using a silver camera is a tourist,to be generally ignored, while someone standing taking pics with a matt black camera is a "pro" , and they get more attention and suspicion.

He made these comments in relation to taking pictures at a beach.

The "tourists" taking sneaky pics of the pretty girls had little if anything said to them, but when he started using his H5 black, he drew attention and one girl called the cops !

stormyblueyz Oct 16, 2006 12:01 PM

That is ridiculous! I can't believe that people are so shallow! LOL

I have the Sony DSC-H5 and I love it. I ended up buying the black model because that was the only one in stock at the store that had the best deal. :-) Originally color made no difference to me - but I have noticed that when I'm using the black camera, people do tend to watch you more. I even had a shopkeeper ask me not to include her shop in a photo I was taking of a span of several shops when on vacation. She wanted to know what I was photographing for. HAHAHAHA.

It's more a pain in the butt than anything else, I think...

Jaz709 Oct 16, 2006 9:14 PM

Shallow? I'm just bothered that the company didn't list both item numbers for their product(s). As a consumer I ought to get what I'm paying for that's all. They are sending out another that ought to be here this week, I hope.

As for the H-5 I absolutely love it! :-) At this point I haven't gotten to play with it as much as I would have liked becuase it's going back. The pics thatwere taken thus far have turned out ok. Just to help out it's been mostly cloudy sincegetting the H5.I do have a long way to go being a noob to not only the camera but photography as well. I just can't wait to get the other unit so I can start playing with the manual controls. As AAK had mentioned in his White Paper, we have to take many bad pictures before we get good ones. I'll just have to remind myself of that when I get upset because of things not going as well as I'dlike.

For now I just read the forums trying to learn what I can. It gives me great courage seeing the pics you guys/gals are posting. Keep up thegreat work. :-)


stormyblueyz Oct 25, 2006 12:35 AM

I meant the people who think that if you have a silver camera you aren't a good photographer are shallow...


You don't have to have a certain color camera to be a good photographer! LOL

But I understand why your bothered by your situation with yours!

Pegleg Oct 25, 2006 8:14 AM

When my cousin (a pro) was starting out, (more than) a couple of decades ago, she and her friends used black electrical tape on their film cameras (often Leicas). They said they did this to cut reflection and make them less obvious.


Jaz709 Oct 25, 2006 3:07 PM

I almost got there. I was told they sent out another cam but later found out that someone had canceled the order. The lady in customer servicesaid she could re-dorder another but it would take a while. It was killing me to have such a nice camera and not be able to use it. I just couldn't take it any more! She offered to take $50 off if I were to keep it. Rather than go through everything all over again I decided to take the offer. After al, it's all about taking great pictures isn't it?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"It's been raining for a little over a week so I haven't gotten a chance to use it much. I still keep thinking of how nice my H5 would look with that black Delkin shade. As Pagleg mentioned about his sister, Ialso was curious about reflections having the silver. At this point I highly doubt that'll pose a problem. Lurking on the forums I've yet to see any of the H2 owners mention anything regarding this.

While talking with my girlfriend the other night I mentioned that I'd like to order the lenses for it soon. She let the cat out of the bag telling me she had planed to order the T-CON & WA as a Christmas gift. Depending on howthings go she may also get the clsoeup as well.

Looking at all your pics on Steve's as well as DPreview gives me something to look forward to. I only hope that one day I may be able to equally as well. :-)


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