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I am looking for a compact DC with HD movie capability (with zoom).
I have been using Sanyo HD700 for a while and have been happy with it as far as HD movie is concerned. But the still picture part of it is not that great and I often have to carry another DC for picture taking.

HD700 is now quite old and I am sure other compact has caought up with it in HD movie capability.
One major spec I chose Sanyo was the H264 format that can be played directly in PS3.

I have searched extensively in Panasonic and Sony compact and found at least several that satisfy at least some requiements such as Panasonic TZ and FX series (older series cannot zoom in movie), and Sony T500 (and others).

Thing I do not like Panasonic is the Quicktime movie files which is a pain to play and convert (which is a must step). I viewed some of the sample files from Steve's reviews of FX/TZ series and they do not look great on my PC.

Thing I do not like about Sony is the high price memeory card. I have not been able to find any sample files.

But these things can be overcome and I can live with that IF the quality.
Can anyone who have used Sanyo HD700 and others can recommend alternative.

What I want:
1. At least 5x zoom (wide preferred) and HD movie zoom capability.
2. compact size - Panasonic TZ 10xZoom is large but that can be the biggest 3. can be played in PS3 without conversion - preferred but this is not a must.
4. 8mp at least - but this is almost minimum with new compacts.
5. price - not important. New high end compacts now inevitably has a ceiling price which is favourable compared to years ago.

I am posting this in Sanyo, Panasonic and Sony forums so please please forgive the multi post.
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I REALLY like my T500.

Here are a number of original sample HD clips:


The memory card price issue is one to note, but one can readily find genuine 4GB high speed cards on Amazon for about US$22. The performance of these cards is excellent for video.

IQ is decent, though certainly not the best of a PS compact, but if HD Video is your thing, it's hard to go wrongwith this camera, as I find the stereo HD Video in MP4 format to be excellent in my book, and readily compatible with the programs I use.

The main flaw with the camera is battery life, but if you're shooting mostly sporadic clips, you should be ok. A spare or two is definitely recommended, and these are pricier than the memory cards.

One plus that I've found on this camera compared to others is that the zoom is for all intents and purposes silent on filming so if you plan to use the sounds in the video, the Sony to me is superior to something like the TZ5 that sounds like a zipper when zooming.
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From personal experience with compact P&S cameras, I second the Sony T500! The compact size of the camera and sliding-shutter protection/on-off makes it easily and safely pocketable — but you are limited to 10-minute-long clips, which has not proved a problem for me or my wife who is its prime user.

Genuine Sony Mark 2 Memory Stick Pro media is competitively priced if you look ...but you probably should avoid eBay due to the plethora of counterfit cards.

Amazon, however, has excellent prices ... even on SanDisk "Video" memory sticks, which are somewhat more pricey than the genuine Sony media (US$30 for 4gb Sandisk HD Video as opposed to US$22 for Sony Mark 2 Duo 4gb). Both have similar speed specs. Up to 16gb cards are available.

:?Now, if you don't want a compact still camera ... go for the Canon 5d Mark II which, from personal use,makes "simply mah-vahlus" video in addition to stills!
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