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sdromel Oct 20, 2004 3:32 PM

Tell me your experience with second source replacement
batteries for the Sony camera. I bought a Maha MH-FM50
battery for the DSC-F717. The camera wont accept the battery as Infolithium. Maha (aka PowerEx) claims its Sony replacement batteries are infolithium compatible. They are sending a replacement, but after researching this topic maybe I'm beginning to become sketptical.

I don't see much complaint about battery compatible issues on the internet. I mainly bought the Maha not only because of reputation, but also because the battery capacity is substantially better than the OEM (don't care about the accuracy of the battery status indicator).

Maybe the question is: Is it known that Maha manufactured batteries (specified as 100% OEM compatible) are accepted by Sony cameras which use infolithium technology ?

PS: Tried the trick of running the battery down to zero volts in attempt to reset the purported infolithium logic, but to no avail.

sdromel Oct 21, 2004 1:20 PM

The second battery from Maha arrived. Neither my F717 nor the one at the camera store will accept the battery as infolithium. In all of this both Maha & Thomas Distributing
have been wonderful concerning resolving this issue. (Thomas is sending a Lenmar brand that should work. It is not the capacity stature of the Maha, but still better
[mh spec wise ] than a Sony OEM replacement.

Danne Nov 1, 2004 3:14 PM

I'm using an Inca battery in my 717 with absolutely no problems. It even shows the time remaining which I was told didn't happen so am v. happy with it.

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