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greyguy Jan 17, 2007 9:48 PM

I am a homeappraiser and purchased a Sony W50 about six months ago and have really liked everything about it. (except not figuring out how to delete multiple photo's at one time). I generally take photo's from within my car of houses and then download them back at the office into my appraisal software product. A little over two weeks it the camera stopped "powering on". I called Sony and they gave me an address to one of their repair facilities and I sent the camera in. I just got a call from them today and was told that the problem was corrosion and that the warranty does'nt cover corrosion.

Therepair guy wasn't interested in the fact that I had never subject my camera to getting wet (except taking photo's in the rain once or twice). We live in a very arid climate and I don't understand how corrosion became a problem. I am planning on calling customer service about any recourse I may have.

I need to get another camera fairly quickly for work and am a little shy about another W 50 if this is how touchy they are.

I really liked the size, photo quality and the neat shutter sound when taking photo's.

Anyone have any suggestions on a replacement?

Thanks, Jim

CyberShotNut Jan 17, 2007 10:22 PM

The W50 is a decent camera for the price and since it is now discomntinued and being replaced by the W55, you can probably find a brand new W50 on clearance for $199 or even less. I've worked on many W30s, W50s and W70s and most of the problems I've seen are jammed lenses due to a drop. Maybe your camera got moisture in it from when you were taking pictures in the rain?

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