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I've decided to buy a Sony digital camera. The two models I'm considering are the P73 and the newer S40.

As far as I can tell the main difference is that the S40 has a Carl Zeiss lens, has 32 MB memoryand comes without charger. (P73 has only 16MB, and comes with charger). The price is comparable.

Any recommendations one way or the other?

Also, how does the Sony model naming work - what's the difference between the S series and the P series?

Thanks a million!
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Old Apr 11, 2005, 5:21 PM   #2
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One more difference which I could make out was that S40 does not have a Video Out which is there in P73which means you cannot conenct it to a TV & see your pictures on the TV.

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Old Apr 14, 2005, 1:31 AM   #3
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Well it seems the S series has replaced the 2 digit P series. Basicly the S40 replaced the P43, S60 replaced the P73 and the S90 replaced the P93A. Now these replacements are not that great. Although the S40 is a definate improvment over the P43, the S90 is horrible compared to the P93A. The S60/90 are SO UGLY TOO. And 4.1MP on the 90? All I can say is never buy a S60/90, instead try and find a remaining P73/93A. Such better quality and value with them at clearance prices right now too.
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Old Apr 14, 2005, 11:17 AM   #4
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Yip - I bought a P73 and am VERY happy. It was half price (Canadian$200).

Haven't had a chance to really check it out, but I love the low res video as I can email clips to friend/family in New Zealand. Great stuff.

Thanks for the comments. J
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Old Apr 17, 2005, 1:32 AM   #5
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I have the DSC-S40, and absolutely love it! I purchased it with the a 512MB memory stick Pro, and it didnt disaapoint. It takes awesome pictures.

Feature filled camera at an outstanding price. The Carl Ziess lens is awesome, and takes great photos. The digital zoom worried me(x2), but the smart zoom (up to 10x) is amazing for a 4MP camera. I think the digital zoom also steers beginners of zooming in on every shot and deteriating the quality of the image.

The movie mode is also great - 30 frames per second, and unlimited time until memory is filled!

PLaback zoom, trim, and resize is another great feature - something I use all nearly every shot.

The battery life is the best I have seen BY FAR in a digital camera. The first 2 sets of batteries were decent - then with the NiMH rechargeables I nearly filled my 512 MB card before they went dead! Amazing.

More features include auto zoom, many 'scene modes' to choose from, and also full manual mode with unlimited capability for enthusiasts.

It also has fast processing, and very quick start up time make this IN MY OPINION the best camera under $200.

The Cons - (Im being picky)

- The protection over the lens worries me - never liked Sony's cover - but it is 'inset' in the camera enough to be out of harms way - and automatically shuts which is a bonus.

- Lack of optical zoom - 3x. I'm being nitpicky becasue this camera has everything else! This is the only advantage of the Canon A510 IMO. The smart zoom far exceeded my expectations, and allows me to crop/trim immediately after the photo was taken, and you cannot TELL - virtually no ridges AT ALL...amazing.

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