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Hi all,

I am thinking about getting my first digital camera and atm trying to decide between W1 & P100. I downloaded the manuals from Sony Canada and the P100has 3 extra scene modes (snow, fireworks & high-speed). However, the manual settings (ranges)for shutter speed, aperature & focus seem to be the same for both. Now, I'm new to all this, but does this mean I'll be able to match anyof thesemodes on the W1 by just putting in the relevant values?

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The big question I'm having with both cameras is related to the usefulness of those manual modes. Are they quick? Can you do them on the fly? If you have to fiddle around a lot to get something going, then their usefulness diminishes considerably. Most human subjects won't wait around while you match f stops and shutter speeds. And the dial modes on both cameras are very limited, almost peculiar - such as the portrait mode, which is a soft focus. Unfortunately, neither of the two reviews I've seen (Steve's and DCResouce) really addresses this issue. We'll have to handle the units ourselves to find out. I'm comparing this possible shortcoming, for example, to the AV and TV options of the Canon A80.

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As Dave (OR) knows I've experienced this new Sony range manual mode with a P.93 and V1. It is fine for static subjects but not ideal for fast moving ones...and that was just what I wanted manual for...to up the shutter speed for kids/dogs/horses etc.

When you select Manual the aperture and shutter values are shown on the displayalongside a +/- ev reading. What you do is toggle either/both the aperture/shutter values until the ev display is at zero.....ie perfect exposure.

With the P.93 and V1 the 1.5" LCD was so small that it was very hard to see the icons outdoors and when in a rush to snatch a photo.

Hence in the end I bought a Sony camera with a Fast Shutter Scene mode for the times I need to freeze action. This is still not perfect but, for me, a better option than the slightly fiddly manual system.

Shutter priority would have been the best way to go really.


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