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treveden Jun 7, 2002 8:22 AM

Self Timer on sony dsc-f505v
I have just bought a new sony dsc-f505v camera and taken some great pics. Does anyone have any idea then why when I try to use the self timer the picture is always blurred and is there a way to get overcome this.


trev eden

atlantagreg Jun 8, 2002 1:02 AM

What is the subject matter when using the self timer? I'm assuming portrait shots that include you? It should be focusing correctly if so, but if you have a group of people, it could be aiming in-between two people.

To overcome this, there are two options. Either of course have one person pretty much dead-center in the frame, or better, use the 505V's manual focus feature, and pre-focus the camera first, then set the self timer. That way you're set no matter what the subject is, and where it (or they) are placed in the photo.


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