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BRAVA Jul 12, 2002 12:24 AM

Even though it doesnt have a zoom?????? Does that really matter?
Hi, I am deciding wether to buy a DCS-P31 that doesnt have optil zoom but digital zoom its a 2.1 Megapixl, or the A30 buy Canon that does have zoom and 1.3 megapixel.
If none of those are good, what should I get if I want to just take pictures of friends and whatever pops up on a vacation? All I want is goood quality in fotos on email, I wont ever print anything. THANX!!!!!!!!! I dont want to spend over 450 Canadian, hehe

A Ridge Jul 12, 2002 10:03 AM

You indicate that you will not print but only email. You don't need either of these, or anything close to them, if that's true. Buy a $70-100US email quality only camera, BUT it won't make good prints, even 4x6's. Since your looking at things like pixels and zoom I assume that your going to possibly do other things with your camera... like make prints.

We all do, regardless of our skill level. We take that shot that turns out to be really good in our eyes or prompts a memory that we want to look at each day and blow it up and hang it. If your truely bound to the $ amount of these 2 cameras, then I'd go with optical zoom/lower resolution. My 1st digital has a digital zoom. I hardly ever used it, because it degrade the picture and I can do pretty much the same thing in any photo editing software. I use the optical zoom every time I use the camera.

An alternate camera suggestion is the Canon A40, 2mp 3X optical zoom with a 2.5x digital zoom on top of that. About $300US. Fully auto with lots of manual features to play with as you get better. Other brands should have comparable.

1.3 mp = 5x7 blow up max
2.0 mp = 10x8 blow up max I think are the general rules.

I also never printed (enlarged) any pic's... until digital. Now I have several 5x7 & 8x10's hanging for my own enjoyment. I'd never post to a forum or gallery, cause I'm not into critisim of my subject or technique. If I had a problem that I didn't understand I might post an example and ask for help, but never a Hey, look at my picture posting... at least not yet. ;-)

Good luck, enjoy. AR

If you get this twice, I could have sworn I replied eariler... but never showed in thread.

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