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prince1a Sep 5, 2005 1:30 AM

Hi ,
I had my DSC P93 repaired recently.But there is one problem(I don't know whethere it is a problem or not)
Before sending to repair, in the Auto mode, after focussing by pressing the shutter button half way down, and when we here a "bip bip" sound indicating that the subject is focussed, i would press the shutter fully and at that moment itself the camera will take the pictutre. Now after focussing by pressing the buton half way, even if i click it won't take the picture instantly. I have to keep pressing and after 5-10 seconds only the picture is taken ? I think the focussing is done at that time now. Is there any settings in thecamera to take photo in the instant i click the shutter button full ? Or is it a shutter lag ? But previously i hadnot experianced it.
Also before, when focussed, there will be white dots which turns to green around the subject. But now, a circular white dots turns green irrespective of the subject's position.

Please advice.

CyberShotNut Sep 5, 2005 4:26 PM

Sounds like a problem to me. Try pressinf the reset button next to the power input jack and see if you still have the problem after the camera is reset.

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