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I too was waiting to buy the 828. When it came out finally and reviews started coming in, it was a letdown. I am now holding back to wait for the next generation of non-CCD digicams. After selling 3 of my 35mm SLR outfits and having just about worn out my Canon G1, I was ready for a carry everywhere, no image compromise digicam. I have long tired of the long scan times from my Nikon Coolscan 4000 for high quality prints from film....and there is that darn grain in all of its 4000 dpi splendor! I had sensed the 828 was the camera I was wanting..... No, the 828 has far too many "well, you can get around the......" stuff associated with a camera selling for a grand. Why didn't Sony just bury it's ego and combine that lens with a Foveon X3 sensor and created a camera buzz that would have dominated the press? No, all these camera companies want to build their own sensors and have all this money buried in CCD tech. So now we have a CCD based camera producing noise and CA on par with the last generation stuff. If I had the camera in my hands right now, my G1 would never be used, that is true, it is a fine camera compared to that generation....but, side by side to the CMOS based D Rebel, it loses on almost all counts, except for the initial lens.(yes, I still covet that beautiful lens) No matter what anyone says, most serious amateurs and pros who are looking to spend a grand on a digital camera are looking at these two cameras side by side for a purchase. I personlly would love to see something like a Canon G7 come out with the CMOS sensor and a upgraded 5x zoom. Convenience and image quality. If nothing like that materializes, I will spend my saved up grand on a D Rebel. :?
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Lin, I think your comments are spot-on. The Sony F828 is not the answer to all but it certainly puts up a good fight against the odds.

People need to stop treating this camera as a DSLR. It isn't, never will be, but it knows a few tricks of it's own that make it a good contender.

There will always be pros and cons for and against the Pro-Consumer verses DSLR. I do believe though, if you know your budget, know the limitations of a Pro-Consumer then I think anyone would be hard pushed to beat the Sony.

And to answer the other comments that this camera is not selling....... well over here in the UK it's hard to get, what with arriving stocks going first to pre-orders.
It took me three weeks to get mine.................and I have'nt looked back since.
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