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I returned the P93A a week ago, after having tested it for two weeks.

Maybe it is just me being constantly doubting about every single thing, as it wasn't a bad camera, it just didn't felt complete. Colours and sharpness and barrel distortion and the odd effect caused by the flash, along with the odd feeling caused by Sony lowering the resolution of the LCD, et cetera, made me make this decision.

So today received my W12. WHAT A SMALL CAM man! Maybe it's just optical illusion, but the cam looks as though it is smaller than the P93A. I checked it at a shop first (the silver W1), but there it didn't look as small.

It starts up way fast. The LCD screen sure is big, have to get used to the lower resolution, but it sure gives a better overview.The ergonomics feel better (easier to look in viewfinder while zooming for instance, although LCD gets a bit wet because of my breathing nose :?

Now I know that the White Balance is automatic, but why is it in the options? Was it intended to be manual too or something (firmware update?). This also was in the P93A, though.

The macro seems a lot better.

Two extra batteries is just a plus, but the leather bag is a big plus!

The AUTO mode indeed feels different than that of the P93A, but I think I'm almost permanently using the manual mode for now.

Couldn't really test the red-eye, as me and the rest of the family (Dad, Mom and bro) all have dark brown eyes. Ow I can test our ferret :-)

Blurry pics? Well, if you shake OF COURSE. But it's the same as with the P93A, you just need to have a steady hand or use a tripod or hold in on the table, or increase the closure speed, et cetera.

I was almost "again" hesitating to keep this or go for the Canon S1 as that has a shakeresistant thing or something and the lens can be very bright, so you wouldn't need the flash at times, preventing red-eye, but I'd better stick with this.
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If the camera is not in Auto Mode and the flash is disabled, you can set White Balance to few more pre-defined ones.
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