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echinacea Dec 22, 2012 5:16 PM

some thoughts about rx100
After a week with rx100 I want to give you guys some thoughts of mine about this camera that are not generally on the reviews.
I have previously owned a nikon p300 (at the side of a d90) and upgraded it with rx100. So here are my thoughts
Yes, its lacking a grip, but the biggest issue is not a missing soft grip but lack of enough space to hold the camera because of its big lens. But hardly a deal breaker, you will get used to it. Its not that slippery either.
Lots of fun features and shooting modes. For ex. there is no single option for hand held night scene capturing. You can choose many scene modes, overlay picture modes etc. I am still trying to find the best mode for each condition.
Auto HDR works great and it also records an original version besides the HDR. Its a big plus.
Movie mode is great. its almost noise free in night shots. It captures the zoom sound in quiet conditions but not as much as my old p300.
In P mode, the slowest shutter speed you get is 1". I don't really understand why it wont get slower than 1". In aperture priority it goes down to 8" but no more. If you want to shoot longer exposures, you are forced to use Tv or manual mode. I don't know why and I don't like it.
The front customizable ring works good but not great. Its not as bad as they say about its accuracy, you will get used to it. But I don't like its custom speed. No matter how fast you turn, its the same.
You can make some more natural shots with flash if you tilt it manually upwards with your hand. Another plus
You can customize most of the buttons, even the left right up down buttons. There is one complaint about the front ring. In scene mode, for instance, it changes the scene modes when the ring is in standard mode. But I have customized it for ISO. Although you cannot change the ISO in scene modes, it also does not work for changing the scenes either. So its completely useless. And there is no way you can change the scene modes without entering to the menu when you do that. Its annoying. Its also the same with memory recall mode, and also in manual mode (ring supposed to change the aperture in standard mode but you cannot when you customize it for something else).
Background blur is more noticeable thanks to its larger sensor. No miracles again here. Its closest focus distance is 5cm but it has a beautiful background blur so you may not need to get any closer, they look great.
It has a very good distortion control at wide angle. But its still 28mm at widest. Not too wide I mean.
Its better than other compacts when it comes to noise. But don't get your expectations too high, if you are a constant SLR user. Its still a compact camera. Its base ISO performance is perfect and high ISO performance is very good at daylight and above average at low light.
If you use base ISO generally and size is not important to you, Perhaps you should be more inclined towards olympus and panasonic ones. You know which ones :) But I definitely recommend rx100

jforjames Dec 22, 2012 8:03 PM

Wow, echinacea, thanks for the overview. I need this info, because I just got my rx100 recently. And I have a question for you, if I may. This is my first Sony ever, after several Canons. The idea of the 1.8 lens is what lured me to a new manufacturer, though I dreaded getting used to the menus and software of a different company, from scratch. Well, it turns out, I think I will eventually get comfortable with this somewhat complicated device. The problem turns out to be something else, and unexpected: my computer takes several seconds (like 15 or 20!) to redraw a raw image after every single simple adjustment. Even after just sliding the brightness bar a bit, for example. This is quite a distraction--one which I would find intolerable if nothing could be done about it. The Canon Digital Photo Professional software (for my S90) redraws instantaneously. Does the Sony software use immensely more memory than the Canon software? (I guess I need to check my CPU usage to answer that myself.) I will be getting a newer computer soon, if that might help. But for now, I am frustrated to think that I might return this nice camera despite the fact that the images look better (not hugely, but noticeably) than those of the Canon S90. Any thoughts? Thank you..

echinacea Dec 23, 2012 3:27 AM

Hi jforjames,
I can check that after a few weeks unfortunately. Right now I am on vacation with a crappy computer. But I am guessing a new computer can solve your problem.

echinacea Dec 23, 2012 8:09 AM

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1/80s f2.8 ISO 6400 shot

echinacea Dec 23, 2012 8:24 AM

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The effect of auto HDR mode on rx100

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