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Default Sony 717 focus problem

Can someone give me an example of a situation that is causing the focus problem. My Sony 717 serial # (1338864) does not fall under the list of serial numbers that is on the Sony website but I have a concern because when trying to take pictures in low lighting they tend to come out blurry, Keep in mind that I am a novice at this so the problem maybe me. This is a example of what I am talking about. I was taking pictures at night indoors of a train board with a christmas village that has houses and trees that light up with multi colored lights the room had a lamp on and my camera was set on auto with the flash off, I was trying to get a night shot effect. The pictures came out blurry. It had problems focusing in under these conditions. Can anyone help with this situation :?:
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Hi there.

Hear a lot of sony malfunctions. Hope you have not.
What shutter-speed did you use?? The bigger the number the more seconds -part of-seconds it takes to make the picture on the chip.( Try to use 1/30 at least.)
so in this period you will have to hold the camera real still, with tripods.

Also, if you have the iso-number set on auto, the camera software might choose for a higher iso value. Maybe 800. this result in very blurred, grainy photo's.

Good luck
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Without a tripod, the type of picture you are trying to take is vitually impossible. The shutter speed is going to be too long to hold the camera still without the flash.

Try this: On a tripod, ISO set to 100, use Aperture Priorty Mode, set the aperture to 4.0, use the self timer to avoid camera shake while pressing the shutter release. Remember to press the shutter release half way to allow the camera to focus.

The 4.0 aperture should give decent DOF (Depth Of Field). ISO 100 will reduce the noise (graininess). Depending on the available light the picture may take a second or two to capture.

Good Luck
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