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jcarboski Feb 24, 2004 9:30 PM

sony 828 bright pictures on auto
I recently bought the Sony 828 and taken pictures inside my home with the camera on just automatic the pictures are really bright mostly in the face area of the subject. Ive had alot of digital cameras in the past 5 years and never got that from a high end camera. I tried the manuel to see if there was a setting that needed to be adjusted but to no avail. If anyone is willing to check this out i'll email you a sample picture [email protected] and show you. Besides that the camera is awesome, great outside pictures for sure, i just need to fix the inside shots and then i'll be totally happy, Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me understand the problem. John

Lin Evans Feb 25, 2004 12:08 AM

Are you referring to flash photos? If so, you may want to check two things. First see if your settings have possibly been adjusted to have exposure compensation and then check the flash level (see page 70 of your manual).


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