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Default the sony 828, take a second look

hey gang just wanted to put in my two cents, i got the 828 on december 23 before most ,if not all, the reviews came out. my last camera was the f707 which i loved so when i saw the specs on the 828 i had to have it. before the reviews i saw p/f, before the reviews i saw noise at higher iso settings, before the reviews i learned how to work around these things. when i used to shoot with film i never used film above iso 200 because i did'nt like the higher speed films, so guess what, i don't shoot above iso 200, noise is almost never an issue any more. do i have to use a tripod? sometimes yes but mostly no. think of your own shooting experiences if you need iso 400 or greater you should look to canon or nikon( love them both - silky smooth images above iso 800 yeah, im gonna add one of these to my collection someday) as far as p/f relax , this easily corrected in a photo editing program. to me post processing is part of the pleasure. think about the old days when photos were processed with hours of muddeling with chemicals. my piont is that this camera makes great photos that i have shown and impressed both amatuer and pro alike. look at some other photo sites and you'll see great pics, this camera will surely satisfy most people just don't expect to take it out of the box and start shooting great pics, scrap those default settings! they're lame ,but then again mostly everybody's default settings do anyway -- this camera will impress if you let it!
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well said......
I get quite angry sometimes listening to the anti-sony department and believe I have made myself unpopular with certain members.

But I have been shooting for over 30yrs.
I have used many many cameras in my time.
I currently own several digital consumer, pro-consumer and DSLR cameras.
Each have their strengths and each have their weaknesses. It's a simple case as [johnf mclaughlin] and others says.... "dont expect results straight out of the box".

My Sony F828 has a good place in my already overburdened camera haversack.

Sometimes its much more fun and convienient to take just the sony out of the haversack and shin up a hill than take my new Oly E1 with all its heavy lens etc....
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