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How would you compare the pro/con of the A1/A2 vs. Canon's Pro1 vs, Sony 828?

I am a 7Hi owner who's been a little disappointed with indoor shots (blurred and darker than I'd like as well as limited flash range, either too bight on the subject and dark everywhere else or just plain too dark)

We're also not totally pleased with the Autofocus ability of the 7Hi, seems sometimes shots are blurry and we don't know why as we've grown to concentrate on the focus element and still some shots are blurred.

Any custom setting recommendations for the 7Hi indoors would be appreciated.

As we are learning, we shoot primarily in Auto, Aper. pri, or Shut pri. modes.

Would upgrading to the A1 or 828 or Pro1 solve any of these problems (especially for my wife who's nearly a 100% P/S user.

We really like the manual zoom and feel we took much better pictures with our lowly Nikon N60 slr in our film days.

The 7Hi appears to excel for us outdoors, but indoors (most of our kid shots) struggles.

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Old Aug 18, 2004, 8:42 PM   #2
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The A1/A2's have been known to have been known to have various operational and quality issues that would make me stay clearaway.

The Canon Pro1 is real good except it also has some problem with low light focusing accuracy/speed etc. It also lacks a histogram. I have also heard that the leans is prone the getting dust/dirt inside, which can't be cleaned out since it isn't a DSLR.

I wouldwhole-heartedly recommend the828. It is onlypoint and shoot that comes closest to DSLR performance. This camera has 2 weaknesses ONLY. It has slow perfromance recording times in RAW mode, you need to weigh how important this is for you. Reviews and samples have shown that the higest image quality JPG is mearly identical. Secondly, is the infamous Purple Fringing etc..., it does occur, on this camera, and on any digital camera with a smal sensor(point and shoot. 8mp semsors are espescially vulnerable. Unless you take pitcures of tin foil for a living, this camera takes gorgeousshots, and for the few that have it, there is some simple post processing you can you to eliminate it.

Hope this helps.
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For those who do buy this camera and who experience the CA (purple fringing) issue, perhaps you should list what procedures you personally take during post-processing to minimize this effect. Folks are being told you can minimize this issue with the 828 after-the-fact, but they are not being told HOW to do so. If you would, share your own tips for getting rid of the CA using your own image editor.

P.S. for users: The new version of Paint Shop Pro (v. 9) is due out in mid to late September. It has a CA fix command in the toolbar. How well this works remains to be seen (haven't test it out yet), but it's nice to see someone come out with a shortcut for it. It will also have an anti-noise command that works surprisingly well (tried it).


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