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Default Sony (and Canon ???) Lanc Universe Part 4

Well , I'm writing a dos based software for enabling
people to talk more easily with their camera.
Dos is actually needed for having precise timing
over all cameras....Maybe windows & .NET in the future...
prerelease test version seems to run from 386 20 mhz
to PIII 700..

I'm doing this because I love cameras and I'm
so sad thinking all those Sony machines unable
to talk with someone...

I hear also Canon in sme case use Lanc ???

Basically i will keep as valid the lanc cable schema
provided in so many lanc related sites.
I do not think You will find difficult to find
a npn transistor 2n2222 like and a couple of plugs..

The SW will be kklanc.exe and will be freeware...

I will need some of You will help to test it,
on different pcs and cameras, because actually
I cannot buy 10 Sony camera for testing all alone....

Bad times\salary actually for
CRM & SW engineering Managers
...at leasy here in Italy...

Nevertheless.. if someone is rich and want to give some
contributions ($) to my research I will try to
buy a 828 this Christmas..(supposing it will be available)...

But I will not request any money,
maybe just some Camera to play with :-))))))))

Sw purposes functions will be step by step released,
here some ideas:

0) Same functions as rm95, so enabling changes on registries

1) Same functions like rm95dump so availability to dump memory
into a file.........maybe jus selected pages..

2) Ability to create a Sony lanc command and execute it
for test purposes ..

3) Remote wire controlling the camera (shutter, zoom )
(think a software that takes a photo every x minutes...)

4) Create a batch routine interpreter, think about
a sw that can read a batch file with instruction for automate
the dv-in in a camera (automate means no manual stuff..)
or change something else ..

5) Create a comparison memory map tool for compare a dump
with current camera setting.......

6) create a routine for write random mubers in your
camera memory map (Very useful............:-)))))))))))

I will release a test purpose pre-pre-tutorial-alfa
release beginning next week...................

Let me know what You think about...


[email protected]
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look like i posted twice the message.
Can the moderator erase the duplicate ?
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