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scrid Feb 18, 2003 2:35 PM

Sony DSC-F717 Question
Hello all, I am looking into purchasing a Sony DSC-F717 for my second camera. My question is will I be able to take shots like this one...

with the moving lights of traffic without this camera having a bulb setting?

UrbanPhotos Feb 23, 2003 5:14 PM

You should be able to get plenty of motion blur on cars with an F717. I don't know offhand how long of a shutter speed it can do, but it must be more than 2 seconds.

Here's a shot I took with my little P31, which has a 2 second maximum shutter speed.

I really want to get a F717! I bought the P31 as my first digital, as a suppliment to my 35mm SLR, but now I want to get a good digicam.

rthorne Mar 28, 2003 4:58 AM

The camera cancels the image transfer operation in the middle of the process. I re-load the software and the driver with no luck. I had a mustek hooked to the USB port before and eliminated all software concerning it.
Do I have a software or driver problem and if so should I return the camera to the store for another if it is the camera? :roll:

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