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Hi [dirtlawyer]...
Glad the info helped. If you need any further help with the post editing let me know.

In reference to the cameras and Raynox lens. I believe the list below gives my guides.

Minolta D7i, A1:- Both the DCR-1540PRO and 1850PRO Telephoto vignette slightly. The DCR-180PRO stays in focus up until around 5x mag 150mm

Olympus E20:- DCR-1850PRO vignettes slightly but is easily corrected.

Fuji S602:- Probably the best in comfort fit for all models. No problems found with practically all their lens. This also includes the DCR-720 Wideangle lens. One noticable exception being the DCR-6600 which vignettes quite badly. Raynox would disagree on this. They believe it vignettes in moderation. The DCR-5000 and 720 Wideangles I have not tried but my brother has a Fuji 7000 and speaks high of the DCR-720 although its wideangle is not strong.

Casio QV-5700:- Although the 2 telephoto lens are fine, dont try to use the 180Pro fisheye with it. Raynox say at 3x it has problems focusing. Wrong, it has issues from 2x upwards.

For my DSLR's we end up spending many, many bucks.... sometimes to achieve a simular effect. However, I have tried using the Canon 300D Rebel with Raynox lens. This camera takes both the DCR-1540PRO Telephoto and the DCR180PRO Fisheye fine. However, You MUST use manual focus. Unfortunately I cant find my notes on what settings I used for the Rebel when using these lens. I seem to remember when using the 18-55mm zoom with the DCR-1540PRO it gives something around 90 to 95mm. The DCR-180PRO I cant remember, I would need to go and try again but you wont need a thread to use with this lens.

Finally, I find the Raynox lens a good mix, that work with a number of cameras. A good compromise. Even if a particular lens wont work on a certain model, you can be sure it will work on another camera. Well worth keeping.

I dont think you will be dissapointed. their build quality is good, a lot better than some I have seen and used. That includes the Sony E300 Wideangle, a monstrously big and wide lens used on their camcorders.... that lens would have been better seen coming out of Toys-R-Us

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Old Jan 2, 2005, 8:30 PM   #22
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Hi Ardent,

I purchased the Raynox's DCR-2020PRO 2.2XHigh Definition Telephoto Conversion Len and I very unhappy with it. The reason:
1) Zoomed in, at 38mm, a small hole shows up as the image. So small, the extra lens is useless.

2) Zoomed out, at 200mm, there are dark corners which is what Raynox's website says. I do not have a problemwith dark corners, but read on....

3) I was lead to believe that when I'm zoomed in, I would see the dark corners, which happens with my Sony DSC-S70 with a 2.0x Telephoto lens and when I'm zoomed out there are no dark corners. So in order to get a full picture you have to be zoomed out all the way with the Raynox lens.

4) On a tripod, zoomed out, the image is not completely clear, and I think it is because the auto-focus is hitting the DCR-2020Pro's lens and case at the same time. And yes I did check to make sure Auto-Focus and Macro were not turned on.

I'm going talk with Sony to see why their Black 58mm 1.7X Telephoto Conversion Lens VCL-DEH17VA for their DSC-F717 is not suggested for the DSC-828.

Any Input would help because I'm about to return it tomrrow.
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Old Jan 3, 2005, 12:51 AM   #23
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The F828 is off my list too..........but Only because I already have it!!! And I love it! I haven't had trouble with it at all! It's a fantastic camera! I love it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a professional quality non-slr digital!!!
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Old Mar 29, 2005, 8:57 PM   #24
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I just purchased a Raynox DCR-1540 for use with my F828 and don't see a problem. There ia a very slight vignetting visible in the corners of the LCD screen at full telephoto but this does not show up in the images. Following is a shot taken onAUTO setting. It has not been cropped, only resized for posting here. As can be seen, there is no darkening in the corners.
Attached Images
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What's a "dirt lawyer"?
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