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Question. I load my pics from the memory card(pro) directly to maps on the harddrive. They are all jpeg (i do not re-compress them, mostly around the 2,2 mb) .Direct copy. Then with

paintshop pro i copy these pics to other maps but i change them in tiff (no compression), because i read thatusing thejpeg format is not recommended. If u change pics, red eye removing etc. u lose each time a little quality. So i wanne use tiff. Is this a good idea? Or is there a better way? because this is the only negative point of sony, one format, no tiif or raw.

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Once you change an image you should save it in a loseless format. TIFF works fine as do others.

There is no advantage to converting them first. When you open a JPG in any image editor you decompress it. It is exactly the same image as if you had first converted to TIFF and then opened that. The JPG images from your camera are effectively your digital negatives and there is no advantage to converting them to TIFF files that are 6 or 7 times the size.

You only get further deterioration if you save and recompress them again from a program. Just opening and viewing them causes no deterioration unless you save them.

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Don't be too hard on Sony not doing RAW or TIFF. They do, just not on the camera you have. Other makes are no different in that respect -- only more expensive models give you RAW/TIFF option. Anyway it's unlikely you would shoot in RAW or TIFF very often -- it takes at least 10 secs. to save to memory before you can take another shot with most digicams that have that option. And you would only get 12 RAW shots on a 256MB card using a 7MP camera. I can shoot RAW on my Sony DSC-V3 but I didn't choose it for that and I've only shot RAW a couple of times to experiment with it. JPEG 'fine' just about gives me the quality I want -- just wish there was a 'superfine' (less compression). Now that's one area where Sony does seem to be lagging behind. I had a W7 before the V3 and that didn't have 'superfine' jpeg either. Hopefully they'll put that right in future models. I think they must have been putting the emphasis on getting as many shots on a card as possible without hitting picture quality too much, but with memory cards now getting higher capacities for less money, they should realise that we want quality first in a picture, not quantity. Well that's my priority anyway. And shooting RAW is not a practical solution to the problem. Less in-camera jpeg compression is the answer -- don't know if a firmware upgrade could achieve that, but if it can I hope Sony take it on board.
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Thanks for the replay all!

Sorry pip22, idon't wanna be hard for sony at all. I meant it only for the h-1. And u are wright, i will not use these formats a lot. (waiting time to save)

A firmware upgrade can be a good idea to adjust the jpeg compression, but i don't think they will do it for this camera. But again , i'm verry glad with the choice i made, buying the h-1.

Read a little between the words, my english is not so good.
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