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I am STUCK!!!!!!!! I read great stuff about the DSC and I just cant get past the fact that all their stuff is proprietary.

The camera itself is rated highly by blogs and bloggers alike, but how is the memory vs sd cards?

How is the AA battery vs lithium? Am I out the money or a lot more charges per photo shoot (nothing fancy just family outings)???

The Kodak seems to have it all with SD cards and the Lithium Ion battery, but is the quality of cameras that far apart?

Educatedresponses requested.... I plan on buying a camera after T-Day (my first Dig Cam).
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AA battery does not seem to be a problem for me. I took photos at a parade last night for about an hour an a half, 105 photos, on one pair on Ni-MH batteries. Temp was in the mid 40's. I took pic's at a photo call at a theatre I was working at a couple of weekends ago. Took about 300 and changed batteries once. These were without flash.
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You will find no performance difference between memory sticks and Sd cards. Cost per gig is virtually the same (except in really high capacities, 2gb and higher). Also, most folks would rather use AA's than lithium ions. Proprietary lithium ions are harder to find, and more expensive to purchase. You also need a specialized, more expensive charger, or need to charge within camera. AA's are cheap and easy to find. In a pinch you could even use regular alkalines (although only for a short period of time). You can get 3 or more sets of rechargeable AA's and a charger for the cost of 1 lithium ion battery.
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EXCELLENT !!!! Thanks y'all
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