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I have had the camera for a month and could not be more pleased. I shoot in manual most of the time have gotten some great shots. It takes time to learn any camera so buy one and start learning its limitations. P.S. They all have limitations. Cwtbone
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What is the maximum distance can the camera talk shoot ?
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The steady hand is an automated warning when the shutter speed drops below a certain rate. this is shouly a warning. disregard it if you are using a tripod.
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Which of these twostatements is correct?


IS should be turned off whenever the camera is on a tripod. The IS system when turned on "expects" some camera shake....this will create a blurry picture on a tripod as the camera compensates for movement that is not there.
Meryl Arbingsays

The camera doesn't know that you have mounted the camera on a tripod, it only knows that the shutter speed is too slow to handhold the shot but...you are NOT handholding the shot so it doesn't matter.

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I have never taken the camera out of Image Stabilization mode hand held or tripod held.

Never seen the point, so it uses a tiny bit more power, wow , and while some people claim the pic will suffer due to the IS being on while held steady with the tripod, some people also claim the earth is flat ...

If it really matters take a couple of pics on the tripod, on and off ,to test.

Never seen any difference between them but its up to personal choice.
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