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I have a sony dsc-h3. I just bought to replace my old sony dsc-v1. I have alot of lenes that are 52mm but they won't fit. My new sony h3 is 58mm . I found a adaptor ring from 58mm to 52mm but i need an extendtion tube so that the built-in lens will not hit the add-on lens. HELP FORM ANYONE where I can get one?
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If you're trying to go smaller (58mm to 52mm), you'll risk vignetting, even if you work out the clearance issues and other problems (infinity focus, etc.) that may result from varying the distance of the adapter lenses from the camera.

I've moved your thread down to our Sony Forum, where you may find Sony H3 owners that has run into this before.

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ok so what do I do with all my 52mm lenes. trash them and buy all new 58mm lenes
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Most converter lenses for P&S such as the Sony H3 are either 55mm or 58mm mounts. I believe the Raynox WA is a 52mm converter. I thinkthe H3 comes witha lensadaptor tube. If so, chances are it's a 58mm mount (other H models are so I'dguess the H3 is no different). With that being the case, you need a 58-52mm step-down ring.As mentioned, this will most likely cause vignetting (darness of the corners), particularly with wide angle adapters such as the Raynox.You might want to visit their website. They will tell you exactly which adapter tube you need for 52mm lenses (and consequently, filters). Their adapter tubes workreal well, so I'd just buy a 52mm adapter (RT5256) irregardless of the lens brands you have. But, you need to make sure the mount thread size on the H3 is 56mm.

Check this site out. I have it and bought from them. It may work with the H3 as well.

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