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Hi everybody, I am looking forward to buy the sony dsc-n2. I am looking for quick comments from owners of the N2 of what they think about the camera and if there are any regrets of buying it. Also is it a big problem the lack of image stabilizator for the N2?

Thanks everyone!
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The past week or so I've been comparing the N1 and N2. They are both excellent cameras and I've really never ran across any blurry pictures from lack of image stabilization. The results between the two cameras have been so similar that I really see no need for anyone to upgrade their N1 to an N2. There are only a few differences I've noticed between the two cameras, one being that in auto ISO mode, the N1 starts out at ISO64 and the N2 starts out at ISO160 making the shutter speed more than twice as fast on the N2 for the same pictures. (without flash) The N2 can be manually set as low as ISO100 where the N1 starts at ISO64. When viewed at 100%, I did notice a bit more noise in the N2 images because of the higher ISO it choses. Sony also added ISO1600 to the N2 which in my opinion is completely useless because of he major noise and lack of detail in the images.Sony also removed the Time/Date stamp feature on the N2 which I noticed has been removed in any of the new cameras, I'm not too sure why.

The only thing I can say that I hate about the N1 and N2 is that there is no protection for the large LCD and a PDA screen protector isn't going to prevent it from easily getting broken.
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thanks for the comparison CSN.

just to note that the N1 also has a 2s timerwhere as the N1 only has10s

what about a comparison with the w100? is there much difference between the1/1.8" ccd compared to the N2's 1/1.7" CCD in terms of image quality/clarity at the same resolution (8MP)? Also, the N2's flash is weaker than the W100's so I guess this will affect low-light situations more so. the noise reduction system also kicks in at 1s on the W100 compared to 1.3s on the N2.

may I ask if the manual settingof the aperture valuesare only selectable between 2, ie high/low? this is how it is on my W1.

thanks mate
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