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Anyone with first-hand experience of this camera like to comment?

Good review:


Mixed/good review:


Bad review:


There are rumours of a problem with the P100 causing one in every few shots to be blurry shots. My retailer now has their next shipment of P100's delayed for no given reason.


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I bought the p100 camera in late Juno 2004 for my trip to Korea. I spent about two months in researching a camera because 1) I don't come back and find that all my photos suck, 2) because $482 ($355 camera + $117 512 MB memory stick pro + $10 bag) doesn't grow on trees.

Anyway, my needs were 1) enough MP to make enlargements to 13x19" 2) be pocketable 3) take movies at 640x480x30fps with audio, 4) as light as possible. I didn't want to take a camcorder along and I figure if the camera is too big, I'll never carry it around. Anyway, after taking 2300 photos and about 53 minutes of video clips (7.5 GB in 30 days), I think that this is a fine camera.

From power on to the first shot is really quick - enough to take spur of the moment photos. As long as you are reasonable, it will take sharp photos with good illumination and good color rendition. You have to hold it still, of course, despite its size. Taking photos of moving objects is difficult - I ended up shooting at ISO 400 from a moving train to get decent photos. I used a mini tripod (a $4 one with flexible legs) and got some impressive nighttime photos of cityscape. In low motion photography, absolute stillness is key.

Videos were also quite good. For some strange reason, the focus tended to wander during shooting - I went around this by choosing a fixed focus. The videos I captures turned out even better than the ones that my old Hi8 Sony camcorder could do - with much more vibrant colors and sharper pictures. Even at night, I was surprised how well it took video.

At its size, it is barely pocketable - for large pockets. I tried the Sony T1 - and returned it the same day. As pocketable as it was, the tiny lens that it had was a huge liability. In indoor lighting it produced worthless photos. The p100 was much better.

As for battery life - I used the original single battery for one month, always with the display on. Because it powered up so quickly, I tended to turn it off if I wasn't going to take another picture for more than a minute. Invariably, I ran out of space on the 512 mb memory stick long before the battery ran out.

Zoom - it worked but I needed a lot of light to take sharp photos. Because of that, I tended not to use it often. Besides, I wanted an expansive photo - wish I had a wide attachment (which is available, but at considerable cost and bulk).

Durability - I dropped it accidentally a few times (while in the bag) - no problems. The camera is a bit slick, so something to give it extra grip would not be a bad idea. I ended up clipping a retractable ID clip (the ones people attach to ID badges) to the camera strap, and the clipped the clip to the bag. If I ever dropped the camera, the clip would act as a bungee cord (from camera to bag). Plus, it was an antipickpocket device.

All in all, I give it 9/10
-0.5 for the video focus glitch
-0.5 for the rather high aperture rating at 3x zoom. Hope this helps.
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