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Chocochef Oct 16, 2004 1:24 AM

After many many months of researching, I've decided to go with the DSC-P150 due to the size, image quality, compactness and features. Just have two questions:

1. Any suggestions on the best place to buy it? I'm a little leary of some of these lesser known online retailers, particularly for something like a camera that may need service or return. Is there a place that you can recommend online that has a good balance of price and service? Or am I better off buying in store from a Ritz Camera or such and trying to negotiate some price break?

2. Wondering about the difference between Memory Stick Pro cards. Considering a 512 MB card. Is there any performance advantage (speed, etc) between the Sony, Lexar and SanDisk brands? Or are all MS Pro cards the same? Any features to look for? I know the Pro is faster than the regular memory stick, and I believe the Duo is just smaller but same performance. Is there any round up review of Memory Sticks out there somewhere that compares them? All I can seem to find is individual reviews of cards, but no round up comparisons.

cameranserai Oct 16, 2004 3:33 AM

Before buying from Ritz, I suggest you look at the Bizrate results and compare with B & H and !7th St Photo. I know where my money wouldn't go. As regards memory, it is academic to consider writing speeds with a camera such as this. With an SLR with fast shutter speeds yes, but this is a fun point and press, not a serious sports photography tool. I reckon, especially with flash, the camera takes more time to recycle than the memory to write!

CVonV Oct 16, 2004 4:09 AM

Don't bother (over)paying for Sony cards. SanDisk are great and have a more models than Lexar.

Along with the normal Pro sticks, SanDisk make:

# Extreme - 9MB/s write, 10MB/s read, -13 to +185F
# Extreme III - 18MB/s read/write, -13 to +185F
# Ultra II - 9MB/s write, 10MB/s read, i think the operating temp of these are lower than the Extremes

They don't make these in the Duo format yet.

I have 2x256MB SanDisk Memory Stick Pro and 1x256MB Sony Memory Stick Pro and I cannot notice the difference between the performance of the two on my W1. I don't think it's worth paying extra for the Extreme/Ultra II/Extreme III.

Oh and Sony seem to be discontinuing their standard (Gold) memory stick pros and replacing them with the black ones which I think are faster -->

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