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smsms Mar 5, 2005 10:57 AM

Hi. i want to buy a memory stick for my sony P200 and am wondering if the high speed on the Sony MSX-512N is affective with the camera. Do the MSX-512N and MSX-512S differ in speed when using with the camera.?( because the MSX-512S is 10-30 pounds cheaper)

thanksin reply

rjseeney Mar 5, 2005 6:49 PM

I think the main difference would be in video performance. You can't go wrong with the pro for the few extra $'s.

smsms Mar 6, 2005 6:28 AM

thanks for your reply

Debole Mar 6, 2005 7:16 AM

I want to ask you guys what are the types of memory cards on the market?

Which are good for P200? And wot is the difference?? Performance?? Price?? Quality??

Manolito_Mystiq Mar 6, 2005 7:38 AM

There are many but the quality ones are either the Sony or Sandisk.

Actually it looks like the Ultra II of Sandisk are even better than Sony's own!

I can't compare, though. I've only got the Sandisk, as they are like at least 25 percent cheaper.

The Pro versions have the benefit in higher capicity that they are just one card, instead of two seperate parts of Megs, which you have to switch.

They also are faster, which gives you the option of a 30fps video quality. The speed of saving and loading the pics is also faster, but I think you'll only notice that when we're talking about a minimum of 7 megapixel pictures (it need time to load, you know).

The non pro, are fast as well, though.

Debole Mar 7, 2005 5:42 PM

Hello there,

Thanks for ythe reply.

Do Sandisk have Pro cards or its just Sony? And another thing, how many slots does the P200 have for memcards 1 or 2??

buzzy Mar 7, 2005 5:44 PM

Sandisk has pro cards. 512MB under $60 in the US if you shop around / wait.

1 slot

The Pro cards are supposed to be fast enough for the 640x480 30 fps video on the P200. That's the main thing that the typical user would find it useful for - you have a camcorder in your pocket, for short videos anyway.

There are some tests around, the Ultra cards area bit faster intestsbut few people would probably notice the difference. They're really meant for catching a burst on one of the higher end cameras.

kona001 Mar 7, 2005 7:30 PM

The tests that I read about ultra II making any difference at all is during the processing of the image. I read elsewhere that it might affect editing of film on the camera and playback however I don't remember where I read that from. What I remember from reading the dpreview full review of the P150 I found and is below. However in the instruction manual and accessories color pamphlet of the P200, it says that the camera does not benefit from Sony's High Speed Pro cards. If anything you would think the newer P200 would be able to benefit from those faster memory cards but again Sony itself is telling us it does not when others say there is. I wish Sony would clarify this on their website instead of making us all guess and rely on others to test these things out. Since I am not buying an Ultra II, I can't test this out nor will I spend money on buying an ultra II unless there is conclusive evidence it is to my benefit.

Taken from dpreview
"Write times are fast for the big 7MP files, but strangely no quicker as you reduce file size, which would imply that the majority of the time is taken with processing, not the actual writing of the files to the card. Again, the speed of the card will have a direct impact on how long it takes to store each file; when we tried a faster SanDisk Ultra II card the time reduced to around 2 secs. Note also that the camera is ready to take another picture within around 0.9 seconds, as long as the buffer is not full."

So which is it? That is a good question for Steve to be able to answer :) for his review if he does one of this camera.

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