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Default Sony DSC-P8 ImageMixer Capture problems...

Hello all, I just got a DSC-P8 camera. Excellent camera, I am very impressed! I am just having one problem. I am using the included ImageMixer software to connect the camera via USB and view the camera's input on my monitor. The software is suppose to let you snap a picture of what the camera is seeing, or use the self timer from the software (much like a webcam). But I cannot get the capture buttons to work (they are grayed out). I have downloaded and installed the update from the imagemixer website. I have also installed the software and camera on another computer, still no luck. I have no problems downloading images/movies to my computer, so I know the USB cable and fuctions are working, just cannot get imagemixer to recognize the real-time capture feature, and this feature is something I would like to have. Also, my camera is not showing up at all under the Control Panel/Scanners and Camera option. Although I DID see it there once, but have not seen it again. I am using Windows XP. Thanks.
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Hi,on camera in setup menu u can choose USB mode-normal or PTP.
when normal is selected,your camera is showing like removable drive(it appears directly in my computer with label "sonymemorystick") and u can use it like USB flash disk-simply u can copy any file to your camera and back to PC, delete pictures from camera using windows explorer...,this is called "mass storage".
In PTP mode camera appear in my computer , but under Control Panel/Scanners and Camera too.But PTP mode is an older one -all u can do is upload images from camera.U cant copy any other file(even picture) back to the camera or u cant sipmly delete the pictures from camera using explorer.So no doubt about it that camera isnt showing up in control panels, its working like USB flash disk and this is much better and comfortable way than PTP mode.
To you problem with image mixer.I have P72(in fact its the same camera, P8 is only smaler with metal body and dont use NiMHs).When u conect USB cable to the camera lenses retracts in the camera and LCD turns blue with text "USB mode".(or on P8 not? I think all Pseries cameras do this way).And what it means?.It doesnt suport web cam feature, so u cant take pictures while its connetcted to PC.U can use it as a web cam only when its conected to TV(or to Videorecorder-than u can record it on the tape).Thats all.
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