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NooBee W1 Dec 22, 2004 2:41 AM

I love the pictures it took. It looked good on the LCD. But when I download the pics into my computer, it seems it had lost some sharpness. I've tested images from Canon A70, and Olympus 725 and each files were saved with a DPI of 180 and 144 respectively. No matter what setting I set the camera at, images are saved at only 72 DPI. You can view this under "properties" when you right click an image then the advance tab. This concerns me because the higher the DPI, obviously, the sharper the picture. Any ideas how I can improve the downloaded pics?

cameranserai Dec 22, 2004 9:18 AM

all cameras record effectively at 72, but the simple answer is post processing to alter the pixels. Use whatever, Paintshop Pro or Adobe or most packages and you can change the file size in the editing. Even cheap programmes like Fotostation let you do it.

k2004 Dec 22, 2004 9:34 AM

You have to look both Dot Per Inch (DPI)or pixels/inch and the size of the picture together to figure out the "true" resolution. For example: a typical 5M pixel camera give you fixed 2592 X 1944 pixels.At resolution of300 pixels/inchit will give you 8.64 X 6.48 inch print or display. The same picture will give you 36 X 27 inch print or display(a much big one) if you use 72 pixel/inch resolution. Different computer software will give you different display size and soa different DPI.You should check you file to seethe 72 pixel/inch resolution is for what kind of print size. Just remenber that resolution is pixels divided by print size. Hope this will help.

NooBee W1 Dec 22, 2004 9:42 PM

Well, I messed around with my pics using Photoshop 7 and increased DPI to 300. Amazingly, you guys are right, my bad. The quality is the same through my monitor (Princeton 19") I then printed both pictures side by side and to my amazement, it looks the same. Now, I thought bringing up the DPI to 300 would make it print sharper, but it is still "noisy" Maybe its my printer EPSON CX3200. I used to have an HP Officejet and used to print pictures with my FUJIFILM A101 (1.3 MP) just like a real photograph. Now, with my SONY W1 and my EPSON CX3200, it looks cr*p. That's why I thought the culprit was my camera. This printer (Epson) is suppose to be 4800 dpi compared to my old HP (600 dpi) and this current printer just will not cut it. I am going to save both files on a disk and print it elsewhere. I'll let you guys know if 300 dpi (5 Megapixel in size) is better than the default 72 dpi (5 Megapixel in size also).

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