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Yup, you should pre-focus your shots in low light. Without the pre-focus some pictures come out of focus, odd. Nothing to do with camera shake.

I would think this should be addressed in a BIOS upgrade, but if Sony hasn't by now, I guess they never will, too bad.
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I don't have any blurring problems at 1/40th or 1/50th sec shutter speeds. You just have to be very careful about holding the camera steady and not moving any extraneous muscles in your hand when pressing the trigger IMO. Oh, and no caffeine helps
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(I posted this to the message string "Bye bye W5............... "):
Amen! After researching the web, I bought the W5 because it had awesome features. However, half of my pictures blurred, so I sought why.Pic-It from Steve's forums told me that it's because the Sony slows the shutter speed to 1/40 or 1/50 sec for indoor or flash photos. I thought that it was a great camera--except that it took bad pictures (albeit that the outdoor photos were great). I therefore returned the camera three weeks later [highlight= #88ffff]and[/highlight] am looking at new options. My short list is now the Canon SD400 [highlight= #88ffff]and[/highlight] Nikon Coolpix [highlight= #ffff88]5900[/highlight].

The Canon SD400 looks like my next pic, but Steve's review http://www.steves-digicams.com/2005_...sd400_pg6.htmlsaid that "you will notice the absence of a "Sports" scene or shutter-priority ... you'll have to increase the ISO, and accept the resulting increase in noise as a compromise to minimize motion blur." That being said and the SD400 being available only since February, can someone tell me their experience with it? Does the SD400 generally take good pictures,or likewise blurr low-light pictures? I might wonder if I was asking too much, but my 3 year old 2Mp Canon Powershot A40 never blurred...
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