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mmanzz May 4, 2005 12:05 PM

I have owned the F717 for 2 years and recently have been testing out some new digitals for a pending holiday.

About the F717, its a great camera with a fantastic lens and has preview and exposure information in the viewfinder, it also takes great pictures. One of the things i discovered with the new ones is they no longer have the exposure info in the viewfinder.

The SD500 takes great pictures and is very handy. Where it is weak is the complete lack of manual control and very weak batteries, if you have everything on, the battery will run out in 1.5 to two hours of continous focusing/shooting/previewing. One other disadvantage of canon is if you have a sony tv, the memory sticks will show in HD mode, where as the video input from a canon shows in VGA only.

ON the DSC-w7, well I am sold on this model, it will be a keeper. the extra megapixels allow me to use smartzoom effectively, and there is just enough manual control to make it fun. I was able take some fairly good action shots of a soccer game in twilight. It is faster the the dsc-f717 and will take advantage of the newer memory sticks for improved shot to shot usage.

All i can say about the w5 is, if you want to save a few bucks on the w7 go ahead, but you might as well go for the w7 because of the added ability to play with the extra picture detail. I find that the quality of a picture improves with bigger files, and thats where the w7 beats the 717 and the w5.

slipe May 4, 2005 5:14 PM


One of the things i discovered with the new ones is they no longer have the exposure info in the viewfinder.
I think most do when you half depress the shutter if you are referring to shutter speed and aperture.

I find it interesting you didn't consider the P200 if you like Memory Stick Pro.

mmanzz May 5, 2005 1:45 PM

Good points, i found that the SD500 and the W5/7 did not have the shutter aperture info in the VF. Other cameras may still have this.

On the 200, i just liked the manual control added on the W7 ,the bigger LCD, and the general feel in my hands. Other then that I "hear" that they are very similar cameras in terms of performance.

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