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Default Sony F707 or Nikon 5700

I'm traveling around the world on a bicycle for an academic and journalistic research project called Agence Future
At the moment I'm using a Nikon FM2 and FM3a with slidefilm or B/W neg. for publication. I also carry a Sony P1 . I have not been very happy with this camera because of it's poor picture quality in low light conditions (No sunshine=no fun) and because I can't change anything manually. At the moment I mainly use the pictures for our website.
We also carry a Sony Vaio laptop so it has been practical to just slot in the Memory Sticks.
But now I'm ready to get a proper digital camera.
I've been looking around at what's on the market and the choice is down to two camera's. The Nikon 5700 and the Sony F707.
I would be naturally more inclined to opt for the Nikon because I use their SLR's and I trust that they make quality lenses (although the F707 comes with a C Zeiss) and because they have good after-sales services. The 5700 seems to have all the features I need (plenty of manual settings) although the Manual focus seems a bit dodgy and adding a filter a bit complicated if at all possible.
The F707 interests me because it also seems a very complete camera and I still have lot's of memory sticks and because I'm using a Vaio. I also realy like the manual focus and the possibilty to add a filter.
I also 'heard' that there are quite a lot of problems with the Nikon software compatibility with Windows 2000.
I wonder why I would need the Nikon software. Can I f.e. use the Compact Flash Card in a PC-card adaptor, slot it in my Vaio and open the pics with PhotoShop? From previous experiences I know that Sony Stuff is generally not so happy to work with other brands. It took me ages trying to connect my Nokia phone via the USB port and in the end the only sollution was to buy a Sony mobile phone.
In the end, the most important feature for my new camera would have to be picture quality.
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Default Go for the F707

I'm not familiar with the Nikon 5700 but my experience with the 707 is thumbs up. Great low-light, full manual, neon colors (like it or not). Get the good wide angle lens and maybe the 1.7x teleconverter made for the vid cam(VCL-HG1758). And some kind of tripod. Then enjoy!
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i think Nikon is better in a way..
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Old Aug 21, 2002, 9:12 AM   #4
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Default Sony F707 or Nikon 5700

Go for the Sony,I had the same decision to make and I`m glad I went for the Sony the image quality is better,and the night photography is the best I`ve seen since the Nikon 990,you wont be dissapointed.

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Default Sony, but you may want to wait for the net one.

I went to my local camera store and had an introduction with the 5700. The salesperson was a Nikon guy and he hadn't yet had an excuse to open the new toybox, so we were both eager when I asked. He cracked a new battery pack and memory card just for posterity.

Then we set about getting acquainted the three of us, and when all was said and done, we were both VERY underwhelmed. Menu functions are hidden. Switching between manual modes is a chore. Hold button and turn. I didn't see a viewfinder mode to monitor settings EV, Aperture, Shutter...all are located on seperate LCD.

On the Sony, there are superior low light functioning and the ability -with eye to the viewfinder- to switch between modes and adjust settings as fast as I have ever experienced. Bottom line, even having two people well acquainted with their cameras...the Sony is probably still going to be ahead in shear usability. Not to mention add on converters thread directly instead of having to use a converter for the converter.
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After CP950 & 990 I like Sony ergonomics and picture quality. A filter thread on Nikon missing?
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I love my Sony and have had no problems in the ten months and over 40,000 shots that I have had it. From what I have read, the new 707s since about April haven't had any of the old problems like dark left syndrom and blue flash syndrom. My only other advice is make sure you don't pay old retail of $1000 for it since the 717 was just announced.

If you are interested, check out my gallery that is listed in my profile for 707 shots.
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