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Default Sony F717 maintenance question

I have had a Sony F717 for about 18 months now and overall I am very pleased with it. However, I now have a small problem with it - I seem to have got some dirt or other foreign matter stuck into the zoom/manual focus ring on the front of the lens. When I zoom or focus it makes a fairly horrible grinding noise, which I'm sure cannot be good for the camera.

Does anyone have an suggestions on how to fix this ? Could I try blowing compressed air in under the zoom ring and using a fine brush to wipe the dirt out ?

Or even undoing the screws on the lens body and cleaning it that way (does anyone have any assembly instructions for an F717?).

Has anyone else had this problem ?

Does anyone know if you need to "oil" the zoom ring on an F717 - maybe not with real oil but possibly some sort of silicon based lubricant ?

I asked the shop I purchased it from about sending it back to Sony but it is no longer under guarantee and they quoted several hundered pounds (UK) to get this repaired, which seems a lot for a camera which only cost 700 pounds. Does anyone know of a reputable camera repair shop in the UK (London) which could carry this type of repair out for a reasonable price ?

Thanks very much,
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I'm certain that Tim D can answer your question. You can contact him through his website:


I frequent the MIE (Mavica Information Exchange) and Tim is our resident repair guru and testimonials of his fairness and quickness are many at that site. He's a great guy and will be able to answer your question and, if he feels that you shouldn't attempt a repair, he will do it for you (for a fair fee). I have no stake in his operation but am simply a fan of his as so many of us are at MIE

Here's the MIE address...there are many helpful experts there who can answer all kinds of Sony digicam questions...not just about mavicas but cybershots as well.

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Thanks for that - certainly looks like he would be able to fix it and quite interesting to read about the effects of airline travel/pressure on your camera.

However, before I post if off to the States - does anyone know of a reputable camera repair shop that could fix my F717 in the United Kingdom ?

If all else fails will post it to the States but would prefer to find somewhere "local first".

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