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I come from Bulgaria.

Almost all the postings in the Bulgarian photo-forum.net tell that F828 is worse than the F717. The advise is to buy the F717 model instead of F828 because the F717 makes better pictures. But when I read the reviews I find that it's a good camera and its cons are typical for that camera range. In fact I find F828 features betterthan 717's.

I'm interested in your opinions. Thank you very much.
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Hi Ceaser,

Personally, I love the F828 (I also have the F717 and F707) and use it for a variety of purposes.
The F828, like any digicam, has it's strengths and weaknesses. I shoot professionally,
and though I have a great many digicams (around 30) including the Kodak digital MF Back for my 645,
Kodak DCS-760, Canon D30, 10D, 1D, 1DS, 1D Mark II and dozens of fixed lens digitals, I rarely
leave home without my F828 because it's such a versatile camera.

The image quality is excellent and if you are shooting in RAW you can get incredible detail.
Under conditions of extreme contrast when shooting wide open against strongly backlit subjects
there will be some purple fringe. Fortunately it's not too difficult to remove but still it's an issue. Also
when shooting at full zoom there will be some chromatic aberration, but that's an issue with any
digicam which has no firmware correction for it and not something exclusive to the F828.

I can't tell you which one would be best for you, but as long as you know the types ofsituations to avoid
(wide open against highly contrasting subjects), the F828 can be a tremendous tool.

I shoot gallery fine art for a living, and there are many times, especially when I have small art objects
which require great depth of field, I can use my F828 hand held with the built-in flash to get shots in
seconds which take me nearly a half hour of set-up time with my dSLR's or MF back. By the time I set
up strobes, specular lighting, reflectors,soft boxes, etc.,for my professional cameras, I can have the
shot taken, processed and printed with the Sony. Below is a typical image which demonstrated
the possibilities with this little jewel. The dynamic range in the shot ranges from pure black (the black
velvet backdrop) to nearly pure white and covers most of the color frequencies between the extremes.
This one was shot
at F8, RAW with built-inflash on low power and converted with PhotoShop's Adobe RAW converter.
It makes a beautiful 16x20 print.I've included a link above the image to the full 8 megapixel jpg
made from the16 bit tif file as converted from RAW. The jpg is around 750K...


http://www.lin-evans.com/photos/friends2b.jpg (link to full sized image)

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