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Default rdegro....owner of 828

can i ask the same questions as the other posting or forum?

FLASH, what is the recycle time for flash, cause i need to turn it on and have it ready or the shot is gone

LOW LIGHT FOCUSING adn SHOOTING, you said you do dusk and fast moving items, so i assume that KIDS MOVING in my LOW LIGHT house would work great?

RED EYES? any trouble?

VEIWFINDER...is the screen clear?

thanks a milliion

i almost bought a c-8080 until i read the recylce time of the flash is 7 seconds, thats not fast enough!!

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Redeye is about the same asonany other camera.

I shoot until I get to about 1/200 at f 2.8 then either quit or go to flash. i really don't like to use flash at the drag strip as the drivers are concentrating on the lights and don't need to see a photographer out in front during eliminations. At test and tune I tried the F32X flash and loved it. The range is supposed to be around 30 feet but I got good quality pictures at almost 60.

Recycle time is slow in some respects on the camera flash, that's one of the reasons I bought the F32X.

The viewfinder is super clear, better than anything I've experienced. An optical viewfinder under normal lighting conditions is superior. I use the break function and use the LCD at the track as I can rest the camera at rail level and stand looking down rather than on one knee and getting up and down continually.

Sorry for the late response but I was tied up with class projects and wasn't on line for a week.
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What about macro pictures? Have you tried? If yes, how are they? Can you see some distortions?
I find the F828 excellent for macro shots, in fact I often use it instead of my EOS-1DS or Kodak digital MF back for many macro tasks shooting fine art for clients. Here are a couple samples. The Jon Anderson fiore polymer art turtle is aproximately six inches from nose to tip of tail, the Camillo Sunflower Tafoya pot is approximately 1.5 inches tall. Color and detail are incredible. Either of these which were originally shot in RAW and converted with Adobe RAW will make stunning prints at 16x24 or larger with perfect color.


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