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shnobble Mar 30, 2003 4:45 PM

Sony fc717 feels great! I like it more than the 7i? Agree??
Hey i was comparing the Minolta Dimage 7i and Sony fc717 in store the other day and for some reason i really liked the sony. Yeah memory sticks seem silly but the camera just seemed really great. I did however enjoy the minolta higher zoom. Just some question though for peopl who may own one of these cameras, Does the sony do a good wide angle (forgot to ask this) and is the picture quality better than the dimage? I read that it is, just wanna know if users agree?? I'm leaning towards the sony, is this an ok choice? I just wanna make sure i aint buying a piece of bollocks and that it isn't outdated.!!

sjms Mar 30, 2003 6:23 PM

-1gig HS CF (pretty much the standard of pro cameras)card $265 7HI/1gig memory stick card ( pretty much propriatary) for 717 suggested retail is $800+ will be lower but even at half the price wow!. no other camera manufacturer has licenced the stick.
-7Hi shoots RAW/717 does not
-7Hi better designed zoom no push buttons. just like a slr it is a manual twist. more accurate and quicker(personal opinion)
- both have excellent lenses 7Hi goes to 28mm 717 i believe is 38mm. not much of a wide angle. (depends on your priorities)
- 7Hi is capable of shooting at a 3 FPS rate at varying depths per resolution. 5 frames RAW at 3fps depending on conditions. the 7Hi buffer is 2x bigger. other shooting modes such as Hi and UHS.
- 7Hi supports high power camera mounted strobes in auto mode and on select model minolta strobes wireless. 717 does not.
- there is more too.

both will produce great images. versatilitywise the minolta offers more in the long run. but then thats one users opinion.

shnobble Mar 30, 2003 6:43 PM

oh ok no thats really helpful thanks. At the moment i can get the 717 for for 200 bucks cheaper than the minolta 7i (not hi model) so thats why i might be leaning towards the sony. At least both take great pictures, and yeah maybe minolta has more versatility so thats something to consider against the price and stuff. And memory sticks suck bollocks so thats another neg on the 717. I can't grab a 7hi for close to the price of the 717 so i can't put this model into the competition, but the dimage 7i is in competition so thanks for the info and i'll take it in when i decide.!!

sjms Mar 30, 2003 6:48 PM

except for the buffer and a few other minor additions the 7i is pretty much the same as the 7Hi.

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