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DorkUnderwater Nov 17, 2007 6:08 PM

I have a minolta 5D and realize for the amount of work I do, which isnt much i could use a smaller camera that has a wide zoom range.
I'm sticking with Sony because I use memorycards for my PSP, which i use to show my portfolio, go online, homebrews, yeah its basically a PDA.
I'll have to get rid of flash cards but what out there uses flash cards anymore anyway.
the H3 only has 2 megapixels more though....
but its the best so far for a semi-slim camera.
the R1 is too big, I'm looking for something to fit in my pocket, but I can use to make 8 by 10 prints, and maybe do some concert shoots or some headshots here and there.
Also, i will be getting a flash though, hopefully, i need some bounce and swivel but the H3 doesnt have a connection.....

anyway to get a flash on top for this? i never used a bracket... but could try.
wondering if anyone has put the H3 to good use!

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