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Hello, I've been reading reviews and owner's coments on the H5 for a while now. I've been wanting to purchase a camera for a number of years but have stayed away from them because of my vision, or should I say lack there of. You see I suffer from Macular Degineration. The main thing that peaks my interest with digital is that we can erase if the picture if itdoesn't turn out as well as we would like.With that in mind I'm thinking about taking the plundge.

I've been looking at these things ever since the Nikon D-100 came out. Yeah, a long time. The Panasonic FZ series struck me as being a nice camera and lusted for the FZ-20. Of the big three consisting of the FZ30/50, Canon S3 IS and the Sony H5 I'm opting for the Sony at this point.

From what pictures I've seen thus far I'm impresseed with what I saw. The reviews rate this cam as having one of the lowest nise floors and that beautiful three inch LCD is hard to pass up as so may have stated. For me, with my eye condition, this is one of the key factors. It has all the training wheels to give us noobs a fresh start and enough options to keep us going for quite some time down the road.

There are a couple things that are holding me back though. The worse being the complaints that were read regarding the button placement. Are these things as bad as people make them out to be? Knowing how long Sony has been in the electronics biz I honestly cannot see them messing up this badly on such a fine product as this. Could it be that people aren't relly watching what they are doing and aren't being carefull enough? Hmm The other question I have is regarding the MS for these cams. Are the "H" series cameras able to take MS from other maufacturers such as SanDisk or Lexar etc? One last thing that just came to mind is an LCD protector. Do they exist as yet? Haven't been able to find them but these things have been on the market long enough to hope that a protector should be available at this time.

Thanks to all who may reply in advance.

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I purchased a H-5 and have been enjoying one great camera. My third Sony and have seen much improvement with each camera. I don't use lcd protection as I did not like it on my Palm Pilot (harder to see screen). Granted, the camera has more buttons, but this comes with the quantity of options and complexity of a powerful camera. The large lcd is a joy to use - I also have problems looking at a small screen.

Flash is very strong and can take a little long in recycling when shooting distant shots but this comes with the territory with only 2 AA batteries.

I may be wrong but the button complaints may be from Sony users who expect the buttons being inthe same position as their last camera - if a first time Sony user you will learn where each button is and which one does what. Keep an open mind on this.

Go to a dealer and feel it first hand. The camera takes great pics and is a joy to use.
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Forgot to mention that I use 512M and 2G Pro Duo sticks. Brand should not matter.

Good luck
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For LCD protector go


and look for universal shadebased on LCD size.

For H5 you need MS duo pro. Any brand is good since SONY have fixed a problem with SanDisk long time ago
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The clear plastic used in those shadesis very shiny and reflect just about every thing making it hard to see the screen.

It can be popped out though, so you could use a standard clear plastic film screen protector directly on the lcd and then add the frame and shade from the delkin over the top.

That way you get the screen totally covered by something that doesn't act like a big mirror and the frame and shade add further protection.
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I use a Sony PSP screen protector that I got from Gamestop (in the US), cut it down to size and it fits pretty well on my H5 LCD screen. You do have to do a little cutting, but it is completely clear and glare free--plus it uses static cling (not an adhesive) so you can remove it, wash it and reapply it if necessary.

As for the button placement, for me it is awkward for one-handed usage because my hands are on the smaller side, plus I tend not to hold the camera with my wrist perpendicular to the body like you should--as a result I'm always hitting the macro button by mistake.

That's for one--handed operation, though. With two hands on it I find the button placement to be perfect.
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