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Hi all.................

The Question for Steve is ::::

When can we Expect a full review from Steve regarding Sony H9......?

The Question for Nick is::::

Your day to day basis of H9 is grt for all of us......:-)

My Question is

Will the Image quality will be at big problem regarding the "standard/fine" setting.....nothing being specific of standard/fine setting being not present.......that is being said in many forums .........

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Hi Maas,

Sony has created a camera that captures everything in RAW and then gets rid of image noise and then processes it through the Bionz processor.

There is no need for 'Fine' vs 'Standard' as in other cameras.

Sony has decided that to present a bridge camera with a small sensor (ccd) with good noise performance that they must control the processing of all images.

My testing so far indicates to a Real Life User, everything is 'perfect' if you print upto 8x10.

The H9 will be disected and analyized to pieces.

But whatever they say, I say as objectively as I can, SO FAR, there is no other camera, past or present, that can capture such a wide variety of images in varying conditons as quickly and accurately and with good image quality, as the H9 can.

This is my opinion after a great deal of testing in Real Life situations.

In fact, I have many images that I still have not had time to add to my review.


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Hi Nick & Maas,

May be I am posting this in a wrong place, But Please do answer if you know.

With my older digital cameras(Including Sony), I was not able to get the actual colors reproduced when shot during the night or(May be Late evening).

For example, If the person wearing a a dress which is Ink Blue, when I take a picture in the night (may be around 7:00 PM onwards), with the lights on, I do get the different shade of blue, like it may dark blue and dosent look as the exact color. And people got really confused when they saw the pictures on the TV.

Because I have tried taking pictures with H1 also, And I got the same thing, Can you please tell me, whether colors reproduced look exactly the same as the origianl, or we have to compromise.

And also this color mismatch problem may also be seen during the day time, when the object is in the shadow, our eyes can see the real color, but not the camera.

If we can produce the real exact colors, please let me know, what setting to use with H1 and as well with H9

Thanks In Advance.
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Hi Nagesh,

All of the images in my Real Life User's report represent the true color as I have seen the original scene. All of this was using Auto White Balance 95% of the time.

If you have color problems with the h9 output it is either the monitor or printer.

The other conditions you mention involve the temperature of the ambient light in your scene. Usually Cusom White balance create a 'true' range of color.

I shoot my H9 in 'Normal' color, and the colors are true to life.

Just wait until you see H9 images played back on a HD TV, it is breathtaking.

The colors more precise than anything else I have seen.

Hope this helps.

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