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Thanks very much for the link. Yes, it was a preview, using a pre-production camera, but the response was something like what we heard when the HX-1 made its introduction: very restrained enthusiasm, with no lavish praise or gush over new, and outstanding features.

This is preliminary I understand. However, I get the distinct feeling that this preview might indeed be a replay of the the kind of reviews that we initially saw on the HX-1, TX-1, and WX-1. I would like it to be different, of course. Sony need a winner to help sales, but it does not seem that the "break through" quality of the HX-5 will not approach the kind of ground breaking news that we saw with the H-1 years ago.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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well sarah, for me the x lines are all winners, especial my hx1 and the flaws from the tx1 were 6 months later fixed with the tx7

i do not have high expectations in a small camera with a small sensor and a crammed lens. but it will be the best and most advanced what 2010 has to offer so far and it is the right one for my and my needs.
i would love to have the screen from the hx7 and the swivel from the canon and when sony also could integrate a simple cell phone in it...
but they go the other way, take a cell phone and integrate a camera with 720 video in it.

my first pictures with the S2 and later the SX10 were bad, my first pictures with the hx1 were bad too.
my first pictures with the hx5 will be bad also.
but i always keep on trying to figure out how to improve and how the tool camera works best - hence my elaborate testing blogs

and after i learn how to proper use the tool and work around the short comings , we can do some very amazing things together

sample hand held panorama shot canon s2
SONY HX9V insider

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I got to your blog w/o a problem.

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