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fishycomics Dec 11, 2011 11:03 AM

Sony HX9V lost how the cam opens in windows is no longer advise

I own the HX9V, before I allow sony to take over my pc lol, I thought I ask here, maybe others have had the issue

Go out shoot vid and stillscome home, plug into Pc, and youget two tabs in the task bar:

1, one is a camera, showing the batt life

2. the other is of folders around 8 of them if I remember.

You choose the one suited to open the files of hte cam, that you can drag to your folder or locations.

I no longer have that, on both or all my machines.

I reset my cam , FORMAT, and INITIALIZE.

I may have to go to my section other webpage and view al lthe settings to confirm something is off.

I know if I plug in the cam to pc three drivers open.

can some one tell me ALL the drivers that open for each or video it and upload here?

Asking too much I know

1 driver is one file

2 2nd driver is of camera where we grab all video and stills

3 is of softer I guess.

maybe this is what I realy need is a copy of those miss folders.

thank you.

when I talk to sony later again I wil lask, we all love to read out of a book butthe answer lies elsewhere.

thank you in advance

Love to have it corrected/

fishycomics Dec 13, 2011 4:47 PM

The proble was. Cam has a memory, and by factory reset, formatting and initializing will not work.

you must go to settings about page 3 of 4 look for

USB - MTS make sure it is set to that
LUNG- SIngle

these two were some how changed

problem solved

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