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Tyranter Dec 8, 2005 3:19 PM

Would anyone be able to help me with this problem:-

Had the camera and card three months tops. Used it propery in NYC two weeks ago
and got some superb shots.

Get home and transfered all the pictures off the card without a problem and after this sat using the camera to do some crop shots. This turned out to be a bad idea I think as while I was doing this the camera gave a "format error" on the screen and I could no longer get at the pictures as just keeps giving the error (C:13:01) and the blue screen.

I have attempted formatting the card in the camera and it just gives format error messages back and wont format it.

I also tried reading the card using the PC but the PC wont recognise the card is there.

Have also today got a card reader. The PC picks up the card but says it needs formatting. I have tried (and dont know whether was a good idea) to format it using the PC, but this hasnt helped either. camera still gives same error and still wont format it.

Can anyone offer any advice from here about how i can get this card formatted?

Are there any PC utilities knocking about to fomrat these cards when the camera wont do it? or is there a standard way of formatting it using XP? I just did a normal format. Have I ruined the card for good doing this?

Any advice wold be much appreciated. At the moment I'm feeling one proper use of the card for the cost of it isnt very good value! :(


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