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> i have read a lot of opinions about this camera in this forum and i
> agree with many but don't agree with others. I have bought my p12 2
> months ago and now i am able to give a true opinion about it.
> First of all who buys this camera must know that it is a pocket
> camera so it can't produce photos like the professional cameras;
> howewer it produces very nice pictures if all informations that the
> camera communicates to the photograper before shooting are followed.
> In conditions of great light(day not cloudy) the pics are really
> nice, i can say perfects. The clear display helps you to find the
> right light condition.
> In cloudy days to obtain good pics it's important to change the
> exposure +0,7/ +1. The program CLOUDY doesn't respect the promise
> to obtain perfect pics.
> I like to say that photos are "LIGHT": so light is the most
> important element to obtain the best results. A good or a strong
> light gives you the best hopes to have perfects pics. So, if you
> are having a photo inside a room you need to use always
> Flash(normal or strong) remembering the maximum distance for it(3-4
> metres). It is also possible to have good results without flash,
> using exposure +1,3 /+2(in dark places). Using +2 exposure i advice
> to put the camera on a stable surface to have best results.
> For macro picture i have best results without using zoom. I shoot
> in 5mp resolution at 10 cm from the object that i want to
> shoot(like a little flower or an insect). It is very important to
> have read a lot of time all the manual of the camera: if you don't
> respect the fact that the shot can be done succesfully only after
> that ae/af lock indicator changes from flashing to steadily lit and
> when the little white hand symbol doesn't appear, if you don't have
> good results it's not a problem of the camera but it depends by us.
> For the other options of this camera i have quite nice pics also in
> the night outside using the moon mode putting the camera on a
> stable surface and with a higher exposure.
> Sport mode must be used only outside; in a room the pics are too
> dark..you can have good result using this mode inside only if you
> use flash(but in this case the object that you want to shoot must

> be in the range of the flash,better if strong flash.) In sport mode it is usefull to use more exposure and to use monitoring AF and continuos AF.

> I have another advice: use white balance only on authomatic mode.
> The last: respect all the information that the camera gives you and
> the pics will be surely nice. Don't shake during the shoot, and use
> also manual setting.
> The thing that i would like to be different in p-10 p-12 are the
> lens: sometimes there is a little distorsion in some situation.
> Howewer, looking on web the pics obtained with others camera of
> this price category, i can surely say that p-10 is better than all
> others.Perhaps it's inferior in macro mode because there are
> cameras that can be put more near the object.
> If you don't need a pocket camera there's the V1 that is
> fantastic..it costs a little more but the results seem to be
> wonderfull, overall in wideangle mode..
> I have written all this because i have read experiences of people
> that have problems with p10..the problems described i think that
> depend only by the fact that who has them hasn't read the manual
> and doens't respect camera informations.
> I hope to have been of help to someone.
> Andrea( 28 y o, Italy)

Ps: i forgot to say to use always the histogram to have perfect idea of light conditions and that red eyed reduction works very well.

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Here 3 nice pics taken today in a beautiful and religious place of my village on mountains in Italy: this place is called Franciscanum Forum and it's dedicated to Saint Francesco from Assisi and nature and tranquillity are the two principal elements.

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