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digitalbob Dec 1, 2004 10:27 AM

Looking for helpregarding auto mode and picture quality, please comment.

Also please post knowledge of .jpg size difference between fine and standard quality.


When the P100 is in "auto adjustment" mode, is there any way to set or find out the actual setting for image quality ("fine" and "standard")? The manual indicates "fine", but there must be a way to get it to "standard" and the display doesn't seem to indicate the quality when in this mode.

I know that image quality can be set in "P", "M", and "scn" modes, however it doesn't seem to carry over to the "auto" mode if you set it to "standard" in those modes.

I think image size may carry over to "auto" but I don't seem to see image quality carried over.

Basically, I probably would use "auto" mode most of the time, except the images are so big when I copy to my PC, unless I go to a tiny size.

Thanks for any help.

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