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jvan Mar 10, 2005 10:43 AM

Does anyone know if Sony plans on making a marine pack for the p200? I know there is one for the p150 but I am wanting to purchase the p200. If Sony doesn't make one does anyone know of another company that would make one to fit the p200? I really want that underwater case.

Thanks, jvan

kimnicho Mar 10, 2005 1:12 PM

I would call SONY - since P150 is being discontinued, I would
imagine that it would be released soon. If not, the P150 is 95% the can't lose with the P150 and it's currently can be found for ~$325.

amcoffin Mar 10, 2005 2:10 PM

This is the reason I'm switching to the W series as soon as the W7 is available. I'm very impressed with the P200--it seems to have improved on many of the things I disliked about the P100. However, I've grown so accustomed to using Sony's GREAT marine packs that I'm very hesitant to consider one of their cameras without one.

I called Sony, and they didn't have any information on if or when a marine pack would be available for the P200. Also, in case you were wondering, the P100/150 marine pack will NOT work with the P200.

If you don't have the P200 already and the availability of a marine pack is important to you, you might consider the W5 or W7 (Sony is now offering a marine pack for the W series). Although they're slightly larger, the big 2.5" lcd will be a great benefit when using a marine pack, since marine packs rely entirely on the lcd (the opticalviewfinder is not useable when in the case).

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